Social Media Recommendations for the Creative Marketer

We’re currently experiencing a start-up boom – you may have noticed that every time you get on the Internet, there’s another story about a new social media this or an up-and-coming mobile that – many with a focus on fashion, photography, or other forms of creative expression. There are only so many waking hours in the day, so how do you decide which sites and apps are worth checking out? Take a deep breath, and then read our list of four sites and apps we consider worth your time.


Even if you don’t personally use Instagram you’ve probably heard of the smartphone photo application, which Facebook recently bought for a mere $1 billion (yes, that’s “billion” with a B). The popular app was limited to the iPhone platform from its launch in late 2010 until earlier this month, when an Android version was introduced. Many brands, particularly in ecommerce and fashion, have embraced the platform as a way to visually communicate with their audiences. Remember: a picture’s worth 1000 words, which can come in handy when you’re trying to submit to Twitter’s character constraints.


You must know what Pinterest is by now – even we’ve extolled the virtues of the image-sharing site. Pinterest has quickly risen to success, and its clean and easily navigable site design has played a big hand in that.

It’s too bad your Facebook News Feed doesn’t look like this – instead, you’re stuck with endless scrolling and an overwhelming amount of information. Or what if your new Timeline profile could be organized into

this format?

Well, it can. Above, you can see our CEO Shama Kabani’s last three Facebook updates arranged in a Pinterest format. If you quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the number of updates you see from your friends and subscriptions, this is a clean way to scan everything.


If you have an idea for a movie, book, video game, or another creative endeavor, but you don’t have the funding — that’s where Kickstarter comes in. Their model of fundraising has been called “crowd funding” and the concept is simple: ask a lot of people for a small amount of money. If you don’t reach your set goal by a specified date, the bank accounts of those who already pledged money aren’t charged. Some Kickstarter-funded projects have gone on to be wildly successful, including the Printrbot (a 3D printer), an iPod nano wristwatch, and films that have showed at major festivals, including Sundance and South by Southwest. So if you have a big idea but not such a big reserve of cash behind it, Kickstarter could be just what you need to – well – kick-start your project.


Ecommerce sites have made the latest trends available to basically anywhere the post office delivers. But certain retailers may fall behind: namely, the boutique owner. By nature, boutiques are local and often eclectic, but many haven’t adapted to online sales – which means the boutique owner misses all the potential business of the fashion-conscious shopper who lives hundreds of miles away and can’t just stop by. But with Shoptiques, your inventory is available to a whole new audience. Shoppers can browse by type of clothing, or by city and neighborhood instead.

Is there a site or app that you think has major potential? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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