Social Media Marketing Tips for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

The holiday season is all about friends and family connecting and reconnecting with one another. As a brand on social media, you want – even need – to be a part of people’s holiday traditions and memories. We’ve compiled some tips to help effectively transition your company’s year-round message to one of good tidings, sugarplums, mistletoe, and…you get the picture.

Have a contest or giveaway

Photo contests are easy for participants and allow for more interaction with your brand than simply liking your Facebook page or filling out a form for entry. A fun, creative example of a holiday photo contest is last year’s 12 Days of LUV Twitter campaign launched by Southwest Airlines. Each of the 12 days had a different photo challenge, and the best photo of the day won the entrant a $1000 gift card. Other ideas: ugliest holiday sweater, best gingerbread house, pet with the most holiday spirit, or best/worst gift received.

Sponsor a charity drive

If you’re a business with a storefront, set up a canned food or Toys for Tots drop-off site and promote it on your social media accounts. You can also pledge to donate a certain amount of money for every new Facebook fan you get during a certain time period: the 12 days leading up to Christmas, or even the whole month of December. It’ll help get you on the radar of new customers/fans, and you’ll be helping those who really need the most holiday cheer.

Update your branding and logos

This one is probably the easiest tip, not counting the graphic design work involved. Think of holiday imagery and incorporate it into your existing Twitter background, Facebook photo, blog header, etc. Some suggestions include: a Santa hat or antlers on your logo, snowflakes, candy canes, snowmen, gingerbread men, strings of lights – the list really goes on and on.

Offer tips and advice

What kind of tips? That depends on your target audience. If you’re targeting mostly males over 30, you could offer tips on how to shop for tweens and teenagers. If your target audience is made up of college students, you could compile tips on the theme of “Gift-Giving on a Budget.” Other types of tips include: traveling, entertaining, sticking to a diet, and pet safety. Whatever your industry, there’s a list of holiday tips just waiting to be unleashed.

Don’t forget to have fun

Have you seen the Target commercials with the intense lady in the red jumpsuit? That’s the Christmas Champ, and she’s on Twitter this year. The Christmas Champ is a prime example of having fun with a holiday social media campaign. Twitter users constantly mention the account and that they “love” her (and she consistently tweets that she loves them back, or in one case, “I love you so much I’m afraid I’ll never be able to love again”). Fun is contagious: if you’re having fun, the people around you can’t help but have fun too. Unless the only two people around you are Scrooge and the Grinch, then disregard all previous advice.

Does your company have a social media marketing strategy for the holidays? Leave us a comment with your tips and tricks!

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