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Shama TV is Back!

If you follow Marketing Zen’s fearless leader, Shama Hyder, on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you know that she never stops learning from others and sharing what she knows.

One week she’s in Philadelphia for the Forbes 30 Under 30 conference; the next she’s speaking at the INBOUND conference in Boston. Somehow, she manages to do all of this while leading our MZ team and helping us meet our clients’ marketing needs.

Shama already writes regular columns in Forbes and Inc., as well as contributes to other publications across the web—but now, you can catch her on YouTube, too.

We’ve recently relaunched ShamaTV, the only YouTube channel devoted exclusively to all things marketing. Episodes go live weekly on Mondays, and so far, Shama’s already shared 10 lessons she’s learned as a young CEO, discussed marketing to millennials with bestselling author Dan Schwabel, and shared priceless tips on building a personal brand.

And now, we’ve added another special segment called shAMA—Ask Me Anything. In these bi-weekly episodes, Shama answers questions from followers and friends on everything from how to launch a public speaking career, to how to build social media momentum for a nonprofit. Catch the new shAMA every other Thursday.

Do you have a question you want to see Shama answer? Write to her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and use the hashtag #shAMA!

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