7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Mobile

People are extremely attached to their smartphones. They want to interact everywhere, and they use their smartphones for everything from personal social media interactions to replying to business emails. If your email marketing isn’t mobile, will that hurt your business? The answer is a resounding yes, particularly since consumers are in control.  Mobile marketing is not going to happen, it is happening now. Your emails need to be mobile-device ready. Do you know how to make your emails easy for the mobile reader? It’s a different approach, but it allows you to make sure your marketing strategy is updated. Below are 7 ways to make your email marketing mobile.

1. Create a mobile version of your email.

This is an easier step if you have the right tools. You want to make sure that your regular email has a clear, visible link to the mobile version. If you wanted to save time and minimize the process, you could only make the mobile-friendly version to send to all recipients.

2. Keep your email width less than 600pixels.

While your desktop/web email should already be less than 600pixels, you should make it even for mobile devices. Images wider than 300pixels at the top of your email (like your email banner) will make the mobile version of your email have simply way too much white space when it is opened up. Few people have patience with emails that do this, which is why they are almost instantly deleted. . Nothing screams, “Trash me!” louder than an email built this way.

3. Larger fonts, briefer content.

It’s hard to see emails on a smaller screen. This is why your emails need to have a minimum 13pixels font size. There should be larger sizes for headings as well. If you have larger fonts, that means you have to reduce the amount of content within your email or risk it being deleted. The most important part of your email needs to be first in mobile emails, because they must catch attention quickly!

4. Calls to action and links must be emphasized.

This is very important! You want your viewers to know where they should go from the mobile email, and quickly. Most mobile email users click out of the email as fast as they click in, so calls to action and links must be prominent in order to catch their attention.

5. Don’t use tiny navigation or menu bars.

Navigation and menu bars are unnecessary in mobile emails because, in mobile devices, it can be difficult to size them adequately for small devices. This means that when the user goes to click on those links, they will get frustrated if their fingers can’t click on the right one. You need to simply have a call to action button, an unsubscribe button, some share on social networks buttons and a contact email link.

6. Don’t stack links on top of one another.

This is very frustrating for the mobile user because it is easy to click on the wrong link if your links happen to be just a small pixel away from the next link. Either enlarge these links or keep them far enough from each other so users can navigate through the email with ease.

7.Avoid using multiple columns-

Some emails designed for PC use will use a multiple column layout. Sometimes they use two columns, sometimes three. While this works for PC users, multiple columns is a bad idea for mobile device users. Multiple columns taking up more pixel width, and can make your email distorted. You’ll want to stick to one column or no columns for mobile emails Just like how mobile-friendly websites translate to a more successful user experience, an email marketing strategy targeted at making mobile emails will create more interactions between your viewers and your content! Making mobile emails makes mobile users (which is nearly everyone these days) much more likely to be interested in your brand story.

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  • http://woculus.com/ Ayo Oyedotun

    Right on time. You have just cleared some of my doubts.

    I live in West Africa, where people have more smartphones that laptops or tablets; and I have always wondered how to do email marketing to this smartphone-crazy people.

    So, I should simply focus on making my emails readable on mobile devices.

    Thanks again.

  • http://www.victoris.be/content/consider-cosmetic-dentist-dental-bonding Enriqueta

    I bookmarked this site “to read later” and just now came back.
    Wow! I wish I remembered how I found it, but I am glad I did.

    Keep the info-nuggets coming. You have a new reader.