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Video Production and Strategy

Video Production and Strategy

We don’t go online. We live online. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are more than 135 million "how-to" videos on YouTube.

From live production at conferences to a documentary television series to engaging web video, our video production team has in-depth knowledge, experience, and creativity when it comes to engaging your audience through multimedia content.

We have access to world class studios (green screen, full-set, satellite tour set-up) or we can deploy a full team to your location. Whether you need a branded video for your app, a training video for your team, or are hoping for the next viral video on YouTube, our team can work with you to make it happen.

Our Work

HIPAA Help Center
Promax Nutrition Bars
N2N Whiteboard Animation
Aperia Holiday Message 2015

Our Approach

Whether you have just the very beginnings of an idea for a video project, or a full-blown, mapped-out plan for the video you want, at Marketing Zen, our goal is to bring your vision to life. We work with you as strategic partners to help you achieve your goals – all while keeping your bottom line in mind. We approach projects with a 3-phase execution plan in mind: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.


Before we ever roll tape or strike a light, we work with you to hone in on your vision. Do you want to showcase client testimonials, demo a new product, or even stream a live web show? We learn everything we can about your project and develop an execution strategy. Once we are clear on your vision, we start sketching out the best “look.” This can include storyboards, reference videos from existing content you admire, and/or a full, shot-by-shot breakdown. With a strong strategy in place, we move into production.


In the production phase, we are ready to roll camera. The set is prepared with props and furniture, talent, and of course, all of the production gear. Our team of in-house producers ensures that the talent is hitting their mark, the lighting looks beautiful, audio is crisp and clear, and the footage is top-notch. Production can range from a half-day shoot for smaller projects to multiple days on a larger project. Some projects might require shooting at multiple locations, but you are never limited on time – and we will work until everything is captured per your vision. After wrapping production, we move into post-production.


During post-production, our team of editors sorts through all the assets gathered during production. We  select only the best clips and assemble them into a rough cut. From there we begin perfecting the audio and video and creating any custom assets. This can include motion graphics, 3D animations, narration, or custom music. Throughout this phase, you get the chance to see snapshots of our progress and provide feedback. Finally, once the videos are polished to perfection, we deliver the material and assist with any distribution needs. We archive all of our projects, so if you want to make changes next year or even later, we can dive right back in.