Social Community Management (Proactive & Reactive)

Engaging with your audience on social media is a full-time job. Tweets, posts, status updates, and comments are precious chances to connect and sell; unfortunately, however, these fleeting moments of contact often fall through the cracks or miss their full potential. These budding relationships need to be fostered in real-time with foresight, friendliness, and creativity. Our team of social geniuses will stay on top of every message and comment your brand receives on social media, responding in real-time and ensuring that each audience member feels valued.

Engaging with your followers triggers a mirror effect β€” your followers, in turn, engage more with you. Once you receive feedback and input from your followers, you are poised to learn how they feel and what they want from your company. This relational rapport is invaluable and can supply the momentum for you to meet your highest goals as a brand.

There are two sides of social community management, a proactive and a reactive side. Being proactive means planning campaigns, anticipating connections, and targeting specific demographics.

When our client, Haggar, wanted to reach Generation Y without alienating its loyal base of baby boomers, we amped up its digital platforms and provided customer support for its new recruits. In tandem with some other carefully chosen strategies, our efforts yielded a 450% increase to their number of Twitter mentions.

Being reactive means turning the unexpected into an asset. News stories, celebrity trends, even customer complaints can be appropriated to shine a spotlight on your brand’s agility, responsiveness, and values.