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Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Constant algorithm changes from Google. White hat vs. black hat techniques. Meta tags, interlinking, and keyword research. Reputation management and link building. And all those acronyms! SEO, SEM, SERP – how can a science as complex as search marketing ever attain Zen simplicity?

Let’s face it. Effective search marketing takes the perfect combination of technical expertise and creative genius. You’ll find that perfect balance among the search engine marketers at Marketing Zen.

Search marketing is essential

It doesn’t matter how sleek and stylish your website is – if it’s not optimized for search, you won’t get the traffic you want. As Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated, it’s vital to have an expert at the helm to guide you through the rocky shoals of SEO. Get on Google’s bad side once, and it can be years before you recover.

As if it weren’t already complicated enough, effective search engine optimization can never be a one-time only endeavor. As Google evolves to provide better results for its users, your site must also evolve in order to remain competitive. SEO is an ongoing process of ensuring your site complies with Google’s guidelines. It means constantly adding valuable content to your site, and continually capitalizing on link building opportunities. You need specialist know-how in this intricate arena in order to get your slice of what we like to call the “search engine pie.”

We understand how search works.

We know what it takes to make Google, Bing, and Yahoo notice your website – in a good way. Our team of search marketers design a search marketing plan and strategy that begins with keyword research in order to identify your target audience, and a technical site audit to ensure your site is search engine friendly. Then we bring that site to life with on page optimization techniques and keyword-rich content on every page.

Most people assume that search engine optimization stops there, but building and fleshing out a website is just laying the foundation for the ongoing work that keeps you ranking high on search engine results pages:

  1. Ongoing Review of Analytics: Your SEO results need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. You may learn that your traffic is interacting with your site in unexpected ways that you can take advantage of. Continually reviewing your website’s analytics, and then making changes to your site based on that data, is vital to staying in Google’s good graces.
  2. Ongoing Link Earning Efforts: Link earning is an important part of SEO, but it has to be done right, or it will hurt rather than help you. Google wants to see links to your website on other high-quality sites, not on fly-by-night link farms, or even dubious guest blogging sites. And the only way to get those links is to slowly but surely reach out, build relationships, and share your content with the owners of those high-quality sites. This process takes time – and that’s the way Google likes it, as well. Search engines reward gradual, natural growth in this area.
  3. Ongoing Content Creation: Fresh content is a must in order to rank well on Google – that’s why blogs are so widespread. And blogs are an important way to keep that new content coming. But content creation doesn’t only mean blogging. Websites with only one or two pages of static content and a blog will never rank as well as sites to which new pages are constantly being added, old pages are constantly being tweaked to reflect the latest insights gained from analytics, and a blog is being updated on a regular basis, as well. With continuous new content, you can also reach a wider audience, since you can harness the power of different keywords with each new addition.
  4. Ongoing Analysis of the Competition: You may have a perfectly optimized website, with fresh content and links back and constant tweaks based on analytics. But what happens when your competition suddenly gets smarter, and starts ranking for keywords you used to rank for? Ongoing analysis of your competition allows us to make changes to your site as needed to make sure you maintain your ranking.
  5. Ongoing Attention to Algorithm Changes: Google makes algorithm changes on a regular basis, and not only that, but also changes their views on such things as guest blogging every so often. If your site was optimized before the latest algorithm update, it’s important to take another look. SEO must evolve along with the search engines themselves, or it will become obsolete.

Our team of SEM experts stays up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We utilize current, cutting-edge search marketing strategies to get the most leverage from every aspect of search marketing.

We specialize in:

  • Search-Friendly Site Optimization
  • Mobile-Friendly Site Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Target Audience Research
  • Local and Nationwide SEO
  • PPC with Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo Ads
  • Advanced Link Earning Strategies and Implementation
  • Guest Blogging for Influencers’ Blogs
  • Reputation Management