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Digital Landscape Assessment

Digital Landscape Assessment

A deep-dive analysis of your current digital marketing efforts by our team of world-class strategists can reveal much, including hidden opportunities, low-hanging fruit, and recommendations on how to improve everything from your email open rates to the way you target influencers.

Our Process

First, we take an in-depth look at your current online marketing situation:

  • What’s your current strategy?
  • Are you clear on who your target audience is?
  • Are your branding and messaging effective?
  • What does your website look like, and what’s your search engine optimization plan?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • What kinds of topics do you write about, and how often do you post?
  • How do you promote those posts?
  • Which social media channels are you active in?
  • What sort of content do you post there?
  • What kind of engagement do your posts garner?
  • Do you run any kind of PPC ads, on Google or Facebook, for example?
  • Do you send out regular marketing emails?
  • What sort of content is included in them, if so?
  • Are you actively building and maintaining your email subscriber list?
  • Are you doing any digital PR or influencer marketing?
  • If so, which online publications or influencers are you working with, and what have those partnerships looked like?

Once we understand your current marketing situation, we study your analytics. What kinds of results have you been getting from your marketing activities? Where should you make changes or refocus your efforts somewhere else, and where should you double down? Combing through the analytics gives us a complete understanding of where you’ve been successful, and where your efforts need tweaking.

After this detailed look at your company’s marketing activities, we turn our attention to the digital landscape surrounding it. What are the current trends in your industry? What are your competitors doing – or not doing? What is there that you can do to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves here?

Finally, we put together our recommendations as to what your digital marketing strategy should be going forward. Our philosophy is to “squeeze all the juice out of the orange” – that means taking strategic advantage of every opportunity, and fully leveraging every marketing channel appropriate to your target audience and brand messaging. It means integrating every aspect of your online marketing strategy – making sure that your social media marketing strategy, your content marketing strategy, your email marketing strategy, your SEO and SEM strategy, and your digital PR and influencer marketing strategies are all interconnected, and each informing the others.

Our comprehensive digital landscape audit includes an in-depth analysis and recommendations on:

  • Digital Architecture (Website Conversions)
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Voice and Persona Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Search Strategy (SEO & SEM)
  • Digital PR Strategy
  • Influencer Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy

On average, even a 10% implementation of the assessment can lead to a 100% return on investment.

Contact us to get started on your digital landscape assessment today, and reap the rewards for your own business.