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Digital Branding & Creative Services

Digital Branding & Creative Services

We are home to some of the brightest designers, storytellers, and UX gods. From identity and branding, to infographics, to multimedia and video—we know what it takes to get your brand to stand out in a noisy world.

We ensure that your story resonates in the right way, using the right tone with the right audience. Our creative services are research-based and strategically driven.

Why is Digital Branding So Vital?

When was the last time you were completely uninterested in what someone had to say, felt no connection – at all – with their business or them personally…

…but went ahead and gave them your money anyway?

The answer is probably never, right?

If you want people to buy from you, you have to connect with them. And the only way to do that is to grab their attention – and hold it.

Now, let’s be honest – there are plenty of people out there promoting their businesses with websites or videos or emails that are attention-grabbing – and interesting.

So if you want to stand out from the competition and be the guy who makes the sale, you have to be more than just interesting – you have to be fascinating. The right digital branding and storytelling gets people to listen to what you have to say over anyone else, feel a stronger connection with you and your business, and end up feeling excited and lucky to be able to become your customers.

Now, just telling any brand story isn’t enough. There are plenty of people out there using stories to help promote their businesses. And yeah, they’re interesting.

But they’re not fascinating.

The way to take your stories from just ‘kind of interesting’ to ‘absolutely, can’t-look-away fascinating,’ is to follow these three steps.

1. Tell a really great story.

Not all stories are created equal. Sure, you can tell people how your business was founded, or how you came up with your mission statement or guiding vision.

But unless you make those stories really great – unless you make people feel like they’re there with you, seeing what you’re seeing, feeling what you’re feeling, through words and design and multimedia – your stories won’t have much of an impact.

2. Get your audience’s emotions involved

The stories we remember most are the ones that make us feel a strong emotion.

Maybe it makes you laugh. Maybe it terrifies you. Maybe it makes you feel outraged, or hopeful, or excited.

It doesn’t matter which emotion you tap into – just as long as you tap into one. The right branding will associate your company with an emotion, so that your audience will remember your brand above others.

3. Most importantly, make your audience a part of the story.

What do most people find more fascinating than anything else?

Themselves, of course!

People love to talk and think about themselves.

And marketers understand this, which is why people sell by talking about the benefits a product will bring you, instead of just listing its features.

But in order to be fascinating, you’ve got to take that a step further, and make your audience members the heroes in your story.

Sure, they’d rather hear about how your business can help them than about how great your product or service is.

But they’d really rather hear about how, just by buying your product, they can be just as successful as the guy in your story – or how they can avoid being as dumb as the guy in your story, by giving your service a try.

When you give them a way to enter your story, and come out the hero, you’re practically guaranteeing they’ll become customers.

That’s how to be fascinating.

By telling a great story that involves your audience’s emotions and allows them to be the heroes, you’re tapping into a primal trigger that they can’t help but respond to.

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