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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Marketing content has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Before, it was just one component among many in the realm of digital marketing. Now, it’s the centerpiece of any solid strategy, providing the backbone and the substance behind search and social.

The cycle of online marketing begins and ends with content: Content gives search an outlet for keyword-rich copy to draw organic traffic, and gives social something substantial and proprietary to share across channels, to drive engagement and establish thought leadership. Its performance in those areas results in data that informs the creation of new content – and so the cycle repeats itself, improving the effectiveness of the content with each iteration. Marketing IS content.

Our approach to digital marketing places content at the heart of everything we do. Our laser-like focus on producing data-driven, engaging content to fuel search and social is a proven strategy for success.

We know good content.

Let’s face it – anyone can throw a few sentences together and call it a blog post. But only an expert content writer can make those sentences speak effectively to your exact target audience, leading them through the sales funnel and producing conversions.

How do we do it?

By using cold, hard data to produce customized, original content that our clients’ ideal customers find engaging and worth their time.

Do you read blog posts that you find boring or poorly written? Of course not. That’s why our team of professional writers puts their heart and soul into every piece they write, combining their flair for words with a keen understanding of what an audience will find captivating.

Would you return to a blog that didn’t inform, provoke thought, answer important questions, make you smile, or otherwise prove itself worthy of your time and attention? Of course not. That’s why we base our content on research into exactly what makes our clients’ audiences tick, and provide them with pieces that are of value to them.

Good content is unique, well-written, engaging, effective, valuable, and strategic – and at Marketing Zen, we know good content.

What is content marketing?

At its most basic level, content marketing means creating and distributing content strategically in order to build relationships with your target audience – relationships that will eventually lead to conversions.

Content marketing takes every aspect of online marketing and ties all of them together in one unified whole.

First, SEO. Keyword research tells content marketers which topics are trending, which are evergreen – and which to avoid. By looking at the words and phrases people use when searching for information about a particular industry, we can position each blog post we write to be easily found by search engines, through both its overarching topic and the SEO keywordswe carefully incorporate into the text.

Second, social media. By studying what drives audience engagement on social media, content marketers gear their posts towards likeability and shareability. Blog topics, the voice used, even the images chosen to accompany each post are carefully selected based on a study of what gets clicks and comments and likes from a given client’s audience on social media.

Third, thought leadership. Content marketers spend hours poring over industry websites for each client, in order to keep up with trending thoughts and new developments in each one’s field. Each and every blog post must contribute in some way towards positioning a client as an expert in their field, as the go-to resource for valuable, insightful information on their industry, and so careful research is done to ensure that each client is always on the cutting edge.

The key is strategy. Each client has different goals, different needs, and a different audience, so each one will necessarily need a different and unique content marketing strategy to be developed. Once this strategy is put in place, it is then tweaked and reworked based on data gleaned from analytics until the perfect balance is found. That balance is what successfully attracts traffic from search engines and social media, makes website visitors into loyal fans and followers online, and then converts them into customers.

Different audiences and different objectives call for different forms of content – and our team of content marketers has a proven, strategic approach for each one.

We specialize in:

  • Blog Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Copy
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • E-Books
  • Interviews
  • Lists
  • How-To Guides