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Guest post by Troy Boileau, a SEO & Inbound Marketing Consultant at Powered by Search, a  Toronto SEO agency.

A couple of weeks ago, Kelsey Lehnertz and Marketing Zen helped me and Powered by Search out with an awesome, practical post on which 3 tools SEO experts would use if they couldn’t use any other tool. Out of that one project this one flourished: SEO Poetry!

I pitched a couple of extremely excited friends and partners from other companies in the niche: Could you pretty please write me a Haiku or a Limerick about SEO?

Though I was excited about the idea (compliments of one of my colleagues, Marc Nashaat, thanks Marc!) I still hadn’t expected the great result. It was fun seeing the poems come in or who the poem-writing was delegated to and imagining how that process went; Hey, Powered by Search wants a Haiku! Who’s our company poet?

Laura Atkins bullied Steve Atkins into writing theirs; James Agate immediately went to Anthony Pensabene. Kelsey says she wrote Marketing Zen’s limerick but it’s too good not to have had editors!

And because of this excitement, before I let you get into reading through some awesome poetry from the likes of Mashable, Yoast and even our own Powered by Search’s poetry division, I pose to you, the reader, a challenge. I want to see your Haikus under the Twitter tag #SEOPoetry, and your Limericks on Google+ under #SEOPoetry as well!

Again I want to thank Kelsey Lehnertz and Marketing Zen for letting Powered by Search and I abuse the Zen of their website for this article. I especially want to thank all of the wonderful, creative people who sent me poetry knowing that I was going to expose it to the cold, uncaring warm hearts of all of you readers.

Without further ado, some poetry!

Tamar Weinberg, Mashable

SEO is a great little tool
You can get found online - it's cool.
 Once you are ranked
 You money is banked
And your competitors will come out being fools.


Jeremy Rivera, Raven Tools

Get On Google Plus
 Shares, and Plusses impact SERPs
  Not just for Geeks now


Thijs De Valk, Yoast

Ranking in Google is what you want
Your website number 1 just to flaunt
 More traffic from search
 Do you feel the urge
To be out of stock from demand


Kelsey Lehnertz, Marketing Zen

Authority inspires SEOs to stand tall.
Google spiders yearning to seamlessly crawl.
 Persistence, though valuable, may cause fatigue.
 Staying true to relevancy and human intrigue.
Alas, quality link building - Let's throw a ball!


Alessio Madeyski,

SEO is not dead
SEOs are alive and well
Complain less and do more
Use some magic and be strong.


Matthew Gratt, BuzzStream

Google is Fickle
 But I am like a ninja
  Search dominance soon


Tadeusz Szewczyk, OnReact

when building links
 remember the foundation
  are people


Viktar Khamianok, Link-Assistant

A man from the island of Cryse
Could not pay the AdWords price
 He tried SEO
 And his pizza - whoo-ho -
Now sells at 10 dollars per slice


Alexandra Shkalikova, WebMeUp

Don't cover your backs
 With one anchor - Penguin pecks
  Google birds are angry


Marc Nashaat, Powered by Search

Below the fold
 Away from eyes
  if this is you it's your demise


Steve Atkins, Word to the Wise

This SEO bard, rhapsodist
Jongleur, composer, lyricist
 Author, versifier,
 Writer and rimer
Also a poet. That's the gist.


Ian Lurie, Portent

A CEO named Frank was sad,
Profits were down and sales were bad.

The web site in wilderness languished,
The marketing team was anguished.

They needed a boost RIGHT NOW,
Or they were headed for a big boardroom row.

"SEO!" said one brilliant woman,
And soon the business was boomin'.

Their widgets they sold left and right,
Their ROI was flat outta sight!

So remember, everyone, don't panic.
Keep an eye on your traffic organic.

On visibility and relevance focus,
You'll see SEO ain't hocus pocus.


Anthony Pensabene, Skyrocket SEO

There was a young man from England
who dreamed of good link intention.
 He invoked his insight
 with posts epicly tight.
Now, clients' sites optimized right.

I hope you’re inspired! Remember to add your own SEO Haikus on Twitter and Limericks on Google+ under the hashtag #SEOPoetry!

About the Author: I go by Troy “Fawkes” Boileau and I’m a SEO & Inbound Marketing Consultant at Powered by Search, a successful and quickly growing Toronto SEO agency. I enjoy meeting new people, content marketing and working on exciting projects. I would love to hear from you if you have any other fun ideas!

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