Online Video: The Next Big Thing

By: Shama Hyder

Online marketing…and marketing in general is an attention game. Whoever can get your attention and hold it wins.

Keeping within this train of thought, online video is truly the next BIG thing in the attention game. And it isn’t a fad. The more “virtual” we get-the more people crave face-to-face connection.

Here is what you need to know about using online video in your marketing.

1) 60% actually finish watching one – compared to the 20% who finish reading an article. (Hey buddy, finish reading this one at least!) 60% is a HUGE number when it comes to marketing and capturing attention. Will this eZine one day be turned into a video? The time may come…

2) All businesses can use it- Often in online marketing, I will say that the effectiveness of one tool doesn’t necessarily translate well across industries. Blogging may work for one business, but not another. Video isn’t like that. Even accounting firms can use video!

3) It’s getting simpler to use by the day- Video used to be a very difficult endeavor. You had to be a film major to really work a camera. Today, it couldn’t be more simpler. Want a f’ree step by step guide to creating your own online videos? You are in luck.

Jim Kukral, friend and colleague, has created this f’ree site: Online Video Toolkit. Check it out.

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  • Steve

    Videos can definitely be used to explain things in a better manner than text or other methods. However they can be misused as well. When I go to a website and the first thing that happens is some blazingly loud video, I leave. Plain and simple. It intrusive and I didn’t ask to view it. In an office environment, it can be very disruptive as well. So, please, use videos wisely.

  • Hersh Bhardwaj

    The title, “online video:The next Best Thing” reads like from the days before YouTube and MySpace. I think its a common knowledge that smart marketers have to use every conceivable intercative medium to get the point across. Remember its a ‘user generated content’ era!
    Keep blogging and bless!