On the News: Our Expert Opinion on Facebook

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  1. Shama, cool! You sound different on video than you do on the phone. Congrats on getting married. Business seems to be great. Yvonne

  2. Shama, that was great! Wonderful exposure for you plus giving out very good information as you always do.

    Best Wishes,

  3. I love the laptop skin! Very cool. Great idea!

  4. Great interview! I, too, loved the placement of the laptop skin! Thanks for sharing. . .Stephanie

  5. Well Done Shama

    If you send a link for youtube for it I’ll put it on the GoodAdvice.TV Channel for you.

  6. Hey Shama,

    Cool, you look nice on camera! Congrats!

    Penda, Geek Goddess of Virtual Fitness

  7. w00t!!! GO Shama!!

    You did us proud appearing on the news on TV!! This was a very nicely done Facebook piece, and you and Liz come across beautifully!

    It was such a pleasure to get to meet you in person this past week with Kevin Nations and again at the Blog World expo!!

    I look forward to hearing more and more successes from your world!


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