On the News: Our Expert Opinion on Facebook

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  • http://www.ytvp.com Yvonne Thompson

    Shama, cool! You sound different on video than you do on the phone. Congrats on getting married. Business seems to be great. Yvonne

  • http://www.mynikken.net/davis Peggy Davis

    Shama, that was great! Wonderful exposure for you plus giving out very good information as you always do.

    Best Wishes,

  • http://www.kevinmason.com Kevin Mason

    I love the laptop skin! Very cool. Great idea!

  • http://www.MoreInStoreMarketing.com Stephanie Trahd

    Great interview! I, too, loved the placement of the laptop skin! Thanks for sharing. . .Stephanie

  • http://GoodAdvice.TV GoodAdvice.TV

    Well Done Shama

    If you send a link for youtube for it I’ll put it on the GoodAdvice.TV Channel for you.

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/virtualfitness Penda

    Hey Shama,

    Cool, you look nice on camera! Congrats!

    Penda, Geek Goddess of Virtual Fitness

  • http://whyfacebook.com Mari Smith

    w00t!!! GO Shama!!

    You did us proud appearing on the news on TV!! This was a very nicely done Facebook piece, and you and Liz come across beautifully!

    It was such a pleasure to get to meet you in person this past week with Kevin Nations and again at the Blog World expo!!

    I look forward to hearing more and more successes from your world!