New Facebook Search

About a month ago, the system engineering team at Facebook tested an improved Search function with a small circle of Facebook users who were actively using their accounts to share information, news, etc. That small test proved to be a success, which is why the same team of developers and engineers has decided to make the function available to all Facebook users.

Basically, your News Feed section will now become searchable. You can search your friend’s and family’s updates for specific content, using the keywords of your choice. You can also do this same search for any public profile. If you want to be found by strangers, consider making your profile public as well. Building upon the tried and tested methods of search engines like Google, the same flexibility (and not to mention search ability) will be made available on the Facebook system. Apart from your contacts on Facebook, you will also be given the same functionality with specific pages that you are a fan of.

Using the Search function

Using the Facebook Search function is very easy. Simply type the search terms on the Search box on your Facebook page and do a search. You are also encouraged to use the search filters if you want to limit the search results. This is especially useful if you are a fan of numerous pages but you just want to search a particular group of people or pages. The same filters can be used to narrow down search results when you are looking for individual accounts, etc.

The Search function is simply fantastic because now you can zero in on what people are saying about specific topics. Whether you’re out to find the hottest restaurant in town right now or you’re just scanning people’s blogs for their opinion about the current national economy, you can do all those things with a click of a button.

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