MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Twitter’s Financial Renaissance and Apple’s Smart House


In what’s turned out to be a piece of non-news, a Google spokesperson has recently refuted speculation about updates to the Penguin algorithm by confirming that the search engine is not currently working on new Penguin or spam efforts.  The company’s response follows claims from SEOs about drastic changes in search results, especially concerning previously penalized sites. Although Google is denying that they’ve made any changes to their algorithms, webmasters whose sites are experiencing ranking changes are hesitant to believe that.

Google’s head of search spam released a video this week to address a very specific SEO question: how does the search engine handle one page that has two links that lead to the same page? He answered by saying that PageRank flows to each link individually, just as it would for any other link on the page. Additionally, the treatment of anchor text may vary with time. In 2009, Google only counted the anchor text for the first link, but that may not necessarily be true today.


According to a new report, Apple is planning on introducing a new smart home concept at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. The company’s supposed plan is to showcase a system that allows users to control their lights, appliances, and security systems with their iPhones. Some device makers, who remain unnamed, will be certified to offer products that work with this upcoming smart home system.

Apple may also be trying to break in to the wearable technology market, and rumors of a mythical iWatch continue to spread around cyberspace. The most recent report about this unconfirmed product claims that it will feature a slim, round watch face, much like the Moto 360. Still, while speculations on the design of the iWatch may turn out to be accurate, all reports on this product should be taken with a grain of salt as there remains no confirmation about its existence from Apple.

Social Media:

Just hours after an Amber Alert went viral on Facebook, a kidnapped newborn baby was returned to its parents. After a picture of the getaway car was posted on the social media platform, a group of four friends set out to find it. When police released a photo of a woman wearing hospital scrubs as the alleged kidnapper, one of those friends recognized her as a former neighbor.  This led to the discovery of the car, and the recovery of the baby. Though police aren’t confirming details of how the baby was found, they are saying that they received tips from the public after publicizing the case on Facebook.

Twitter stock prices are on the rise once again, picking up just over 10 percent following an analyst upgrade from Nomura. The company closed Wednesday at $33.77 per share. While this price is still far below Twitter’s record highs, it is a notable recovery from its recent lows. Although the site’s growth has been documented as being rocky and erratic, this recovery bodes well for the social network’s immediate future.

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