MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Twitter Breaks Records and Chromecast Gets an Update

July 11th, 2014

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MZ Weekly News


You’ve probably noticed that when you “delete” a campaign in Google AdWords, it isn’t truly deleted. It is not currently possible to delete a campaign from an account because the data remains in a user’s history forever. In a semantic response to this observation, Google will be replacing the word “delete” with “replace” in a forthcoming update. The company hopes that this change will help advertisers understand that removed objects will always remain available for future reference.

People living in the European Union, which just passed the “Right to be Forgotten” act, are finding that when they ask Google to “forget”l inks that involve their names, the search engine is forgetting more than what they bargained for. Google is also removing links for any search that involves names combined with additional words. For examples, if there’s someone named John Smith in Spain who asks for links with his name to be forgotten, searches for his name won’t appear, and searches for “John Smith Barcelona” or “John Smith investment banker” also will ignore him.

Social Media:

Whether you’re celebrating or mourning Brazil’s loss in the World Cup this week, chances are that you either read or wrote something on Twitter about the jaw-dropping showdown with Germany. A record 35.6 million tweets were sent just during the 92-minute game, for an average of 6,499 tweets per second during play, according to Bleacher Report. This makes it Twitter’s most-discussed sports event ever. Additionally, the game broke the record for most tweets sent in a minute: 580,601 tweets were sent in the minute following the game’s fifth goal.

LinkedIn is launching a new app called Connected, which will strive to build stronger relationships between users and their contacts on the website. The idea is to make an attempt at showing users what they want to see about their connections: profile updates, job changes, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Additionally, the app will give users the ability to look up important information about new or potential connections, as well as set reminders about upcoming meetings with new people. Connected will only be available in English-speaking countries. Initially the app will only run on iOS devices, though an Android version is on the horizon.


A big day has come for owners of Android smartphones and tablets: in Chromecast’s newest update, Google is adding support for mirroring between Android devices and televisions, a feature which was first announced last month at the Google I/O developer conference. Chromecast, Google’s $35 dongle, could originally only cast content from Android devices using apps that had Chromecast support built in. Now, anything from an Android device will be able to appear on TVs.



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