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MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: NBA and GSMI

Female CMOs:

Women CMOs have been making significant progress lately. Although they only make up 19% of all CMOs, women have started making impacts in male dominated industries. For example, over the summer, the NBA hired Pamela El as their CMO. Despite including the WNBA, the NBA, as an organization, doesn’t always have the best standing with women. It seems that the league might be trying to remedy these wrongs with El’s hiring. Not that she doesn’t deserve it; she most certainly does. El served as the VP of financial brand marketing for Nationwide Insurance prior to landing her spot at the NBA. She likely had a hand in that catchy jingle that pops into one’s head after simply reading “Nationwide Insurance.” Stay focused on marketing moves that the NBA makes in the future, as they are in good hands with Pamela El.


From October 21 to October 23, GSMI will be hosting its Digital Marketing Strategies Summit at The Westin in San Diego, CA. The event is a great opportunity to learn more about digital optimization in marketing and fostering your company’s character online. Registration is still open on the Summit’s website.

Marketing Tip:

Marketing personalization has become an industry standard in the past few years, but for some reason, it doesn’t always work. Tailoring ads to specific users sometimes backfires and leaves marketers vulnerable to social media attacks launched by consumers. Whenever you’re constructing a personalized media campaign, double-check all of your data, cross-referencing it with first-party sources. Also, be sure to fit your message into the right spot. Customers will respond to your content more positively if it’s relevant to their circumstances and intents. Try to measure sentiments in real time. Doing so will allow you to anticipate any negativity and to join in the conversation that’s occurring. But remember to learn from the past, too. Previous customer behavior tells marketers a lot about their future desires.

CMOs to Follow:

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