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MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: 10/24/14

CMO News:

On Thursday, published an interview with Kiip founder Brian Wong. Kiip, a mobile advertising app aimed at real connections rather than simple ad-blasts, hopes to redefine the marketing game. A brilliant student, Wong received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia at the mere age of 18. With this knowledge, he has reminded all marketers that, especially in the digital age, respecting the consumer goes a long way in establishing trust and guaranteeing repeat customers. By linking advertisements to mobile gaming activity, Wong has created an app that features achievement over objectiveness. By targeting the moments in which gamers reach a new level, Kiip, and marketers using it, capitalizes on the happiness that users receive once they attain a personal record. Individuals across all demographics engage in mobile gaming; so, this strategy does not root itself into the younger generation, either. Wong and Kiip are bringing the marketing game back to marketers in a new and exciting way. For more information on Kiip, check out their website.


Slamming together technology and marketing, Ad:Tech New York is right around the corner. Held from November 5 – 6 at the Javits Center in New York, Ad:Tech helps marketers benchmark current digital activities and allows them to network with other professionals in the field. Many Fortune 500 companies will be there, including Verizon, the Home Depot, and Twenty-First Century Fox. Register at ad:Tech’s website.

Marketing Tip:

Allowing users to access high quality content on mobile devices has become essential for successful companies in the past few years. Almost every organization has followed suit and developed smooth, easy to use mobile sites for users. As such, a study conducted by Lab42 recently reported that consumers’ interest in mobile payments has skyrocketed. Nearly half of those polled admitted that they would switch to an iPhone in order to simply use Apple Pay options. Why this attraction to mobile payment options? The data suggests that the increased security and simplicity play huge factors. Rather than carrying vulnerable credit and debit cards around, consumers utilizing mobile payment options only need their phones. Although this may seem easier, some of those who were polled also expressed concerns over losing their payments if cell phones die and the security risk of having a phone stolen or lost.   Either way, it seems as if a trend is starting, which would allow users to do virtually everything with their smartphones.

CMOs to Follow:

Michael Zuna, Aflac

Phil Schiller, Apple

Seth Farbman, GAP

Henry Gomez, HP



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