MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: 10/17/14

Female CMOs:

What challenges do companies face? When polled on the problems B2B organizations encounter, 16 women from various industries answered this question, and each provided distinct answers that help paint a picture of the future of business. Their responses ranged from simplicity to emotional connection. But overall, discipline and personalization are the most difficult strategies to solidify and to maintain. Data pours into any B2B company, and it’s up to employees to filter this information and apply it appropriately.

This task, though seemingly simple, becomes most important when building a brand and remaining consistent across markets. Making your brand accessible and understandable amongst all of your customers is certainly problematic, especially once you remember that you have to somehow add a personal touch. Although the solutions to these issues aren’t easily articulated, paying attention to them allows your company to devote additional resources and focus to these complicated areas of business relations.


DMA 2014 is fast approaching! The global data-driven marketers event is sponsored by Adobe, and it offers a fantastic networking opportunity for every CMO. There are already over 200 exhibitors signed up for the event, and registration is still open. The event will be held from October 25-30 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

Marketing Tip:

One of the most important features of any strong marketing plan, targeting the millennials helps foster brand loyalty and support across the Internet. However, according to Facebook IQ, a lot of the current strategies fail to understand how millennials interact with one another. A new marketing tool aimed at deciphering how individuals communicate online, Facebook IQ discovered that rather than targeting millennials as a lump group, marketers fare better separating them into different groups.

Optimists, aged 13 to 15, employ cheerfulness in every portion of their lives, and technology ranks among the most important aspects of their lives. Meanwhile, Explorers, aged 16 to 19, look for new opportunities in life and are curious about the world as a whole. Realists, aged 20 to 24, are multi-screen users, and they focus their time, carefully selecting where they hang out and what they do. For marketers, these differences signify that the millennial generation isn’t really all that different from those in the past. Sharing personal stories about individuals conquering impossible odds, and creating campaigns that empower each of these groups will render success for marketers.

CMOs to Follow:

Jonathon Becher, SAP

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Marcel LeBrun, Salesforce

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