Myth or Fact- Search Engine Marketing

1) Traffic is Everything. MYTH.

Qualified traffic is what matters.

2) SEO is expensive and not a small business marketing strategy. MYTH

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually helps level the playing field and is an excellent small business marketing strategy.

3) SEO takes time. FACT

Absolutely. It takes 6 months to a year to see solid search engine optimization results. This is highly dependent on the keywords.

4) All Keywords are the Same. MYTH

Not at all. Some keywords are much easier to rank for than others.

5) You have to be careful when choosing a SEO professional or company. FACT

No doubt about it. There are so many hucksters out there. You should do your research before choosing a SEO professional or SEO Company. If they GUARANTEE you placements-run. No one can guarantee rankings, because at the end of the day-Google is boss.

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  • Anne Good

    In my experience working with SEO professionals, the topic is more theology than science and many uninformed people out there end up paying an ignorance premium.

    If you have a WordPress site, optimizite it using the All in One SEO Pack. Do that simple step and you are off to a great start.

  • Susi

    Love your comments but am hungry for more. If you have only five “idiot proof” SEO tips to offer someone for whom the topic is foreign, what would they be?

  • Kevin Lam

    Very sound advice, Shama. Especially on the ones that claim to guarantee rankings on the first page. Their guarantee is usually for keywords that no one is searching for and that’s why it’s easy to rank.