Marketing Zen Accepts Award at United Nations in New York!

We’ve got a riddle for you.

What’s cooler than being recognized as one of the top American entrepreneurs under 35?

Being recognized as one of the top American entrepreneurs under 35 – at the United Nations in New York, that’s what!

The Marketing Zen Group is proud to announce that our CEO, Shama Kabani, was chosen to be one of the select few honored at a ceremony held in the United Nations building in New York yesterday, October 24.

Out of the thousands of young entrepreneurs across the country, only the top 100 are chosen for inclusion in the Empact100 Showcase each year. And Shama? Well, she’s taken Marketing Zen to the top two years in a row now.

The Empact100 Showcase was developed by Sheena Lindhal and Michael Simmons, owners of Empact, a world-renowned firm specializing in entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, and leadership events and programs.

Lindhal explained the purpose of her organization’s award program: “Our goal is to celebrate the stories and faces of young entrepreneurs. We do this by selecting entrepreneurs 35 and younger from companies they have founded that have made at least $100,000.

We focus on a variety of areas where entrepreneurs succeed. This ensures that the Empact 100 aren’t just from the tech industry or super high-growth companies, but represent a real range of this country’s young entrepreneurs.”

She continued, “We moved to the United Nations this year because we needed more room! We ran out of space at the White House, where we held the event last year. What we do with the entrepreneurs on the Showcase is give recognition to the impact they are imparting to the world.”

The ceremony at the United Nations reflected that commitment to impacting the world through entrepreneurship. Present at the gathering were close to 300 top government, education, media, foundation, and corporate leaders from around the nation, all focused on this year’s summit theme, which was entrepreneurship education.

In keeping with that theme, here are the top three lessons Lindhal said she has learned from the successful people her organization honors each year:

1. “Be yourself and build your business culture around that. People who are trying to be what they think an entrepreneur should be or do what they think they are supposed to do tend to be less successful than those who are being themselves.”

2. “Folks who start now are more likely to succeed. No one ever feels one hundred percent ready to start. I think if you look at any successful company out there, none of them totally feel as successful on the inside as they may appear on the outside.”

3. “Build that community and that support network to help you keep going through tough times.”

We at Marketing Zen would like to thank our clients for their continued support. We are so excited to have been chosen to be a part of the Empact100 Showcase again this year, and we know we couldn’t have gotten there without your help.

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  • Mitch Jackson

    How exciting and what a memorable experience. During our last trip to New York our kids truly enjoyed the UN with our daughter promising us she will be giving a presentation someday from the front lectern. Shama, maybe I should have her give you a call. Congrats!

    • Shama

      Thanks, Mitch!