Published on 12th Dec, 2007 in Online Marketing

Marketing Plan for 2008- Questions To Ponder

By: Shama Hyder

If you haven’t already started planning your marketing for next year, I suggest you do so now. Service firms really need a strategic plan in place for 2008 if they want to develop or keep their competitive edge.

Here are the questions I have been hearing from various business leaders-

  • Where is most of our profit coming from? How can we maximize this value?
  • We get a lot of leads, but they aren’t qualified. How to we attract more qualified leads in 2008?
  • Social Media Strategy is all the buzz these days, but where do we start? How much do we budget for this?
  • There have been so many suggestions about internet marketing that we are baffled. Is SEO for us? How can we leverage the internet fully to attract qualified leads?
  • How do we convert more traffic into buyers? Is Google ad-words the way to go?
  • As a professional services firm, how can we use Web 2.0 marketing to specifically target our potential buyers?
  • We are thinking of outsourcing our marketing entirely. What do we need to know?
  • The people in charge of marketing our business could really use some training. How do we go about finding this for them?

What are your marketing questions for next year?