Published on 3rd Apr, 2008 in Online Marketing

Marketing Mistake #2

By: Shama Hyder

A while back I covered the number# 1 marketing mistake people make. Today, I’d like to share with you marketing mistake number 2! 

Asking HOW before WHY.

Most business owners ask: How can I get more clients?

Wrong question.

First question needs to be: Why will clients come to me?

You can’t ask the how before understanding and conveying the why. The WHY is positioning your business in such a unique way that it becomes irresistible to clients.

If you establish the value and convey it perfectly, marketing becomes simple. If you mess up the basic steps, marketing becomes frustrating.

So, ask marketing questions in this order-

Why will clients want to work with me? What’s the value here?

How can I get more clients?

P.S.- This is After The Launch’s 100th blog post! = )