Inside the mind of a rock star content marketer

As content marketing continues on its meteoric rise as the go-to audience building strategy for top brands, companies and other business organizations, leaders in the field are highly sought after additions to business entities looking to connect with their targets in a meaningful, non-sales-y way. So what is it that great content marketers possess that traditional marketers may lack? Here’s a glimpse into the mind of a content marketer — the differences may astound you.

Rock star content marketers are sponges

Content marketing is part science and part art. Crafting compelling marketing messages may be something we can learn in a classroom or on the job, but drawing from a number of sources, using varying mediums and curating that information so that it tells one compelling story requires an “eyes-wide-open” personality type.

Great content marketers are constantly soaking in information that impacts their story no matter the source. It could be a conversation overheard between moms at a soccer game, or it could even be the logo design they happened to notice on a sign while commuting to the office. The point is, rock star content marketers always work with open minds knowing that everything they absorb as they move through life has potential to become a part of their marketing strategy.

Rocks star content marketers “feel” a lot

If you study brands that are making the most of content marketing you can almost feel the rhythm in what they’re doing. Great content marketers are in step with their audience. They know — because they have the ability to see the world through the eyes of other people — what feels good, what feels right and when it feels good and right to their audience.

They understand the cadence with which their targets take in information. They “get” what message should hit first, second, then third. They also get what messages connect in 140 characters versus the ones that connect as a status update, image, video or blog post. And when those messages come together and are delivered, it’s like a good song — you don’t mean to start dancing, but you’re compelled to move.

Rock star content marketers think like artists, but with the sensibilities of a news reporter

Superior content marketers are visual. They understand the impact a great image can have on target audiences. They know that certain colors evoke certain feelings and they get that a beautiful design or layout that appeals to the eye are all elements that can be extremely persuasive. Many of them even approach their work as if they’re starting with a canvas and their job is to paint a picture that’s going to tell a great story. Their artistic approach, however, doesn’t stand alone.

Rock star content marketers, like news reporters, understand story angles.  Consumers are bombarded with a ton of information, good content marketers know how to hone the messages that reverberate, persuade and inspire their targets.

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  • Michael

    Great points. I think basic writing concepts are also necessary and that only gets better with practice.

  • Keith Eastman

    Very well written article and so on point with content marketing. Some people think its as easy as just writing, but you have to write for your audience in order to convert sales.