Hunting and Gathering in the Information Age

By: Shama Hyder

Back in the caveman days, our ancestors survived by hunting and gathering food. Today, we have obviously evolved. Thanks Martha Stewart! However, when it comes to making sense of the online world- our business survival still depends on hunting and gathering. Here’s how:

1) It’s Impossible to Learn it All– …first hand that is. It is, however, completely possible for us to function as a community and learn from each other. Even when our ancestors started farming, they didn’t give up hunting. Their survival depended on the variety of strategies they used to get food. Today, our businesses are like that. We can very much plant our own gardens of information and service. But, more importantly, we also have to seek out information. We have to hunt for the best.

2) Eat What You Gather/Hunt- What would happen if back in the day people gathered the best crops and didn’t eat them…they would rot. Knowledge is like that today. You can read a million blogs, attend hundreds of seminars, and purchase thousands of books. But if you don’t put those concepts into action-it rots.

3) Tribes Rule- Species that gathered together survived. Loners usually died out. The same concept applies to today’s business. What does your personal support team look like? Do you belong to Mastermind groups? Have coaches? How often do you participate in joint ventures? How is your business supported? In the Hunting and Gathering age of information, you have to pull together your resources.

4) Timing Matters- Gather information before you need it. If you go looking for answers at the last moment, you are more likely to make impulsive decisions. People took risks when they were starving-like going out to find food in the middle of winter. We have evolved. Make sure your business isn’t starving for help before going after it.

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  • Neil

    “Species that gathered together survived. Loners usually died out. The same concept applies to today’s business.”

    Very true. Great analogy. I just stumbled on your blog. I am Dallas-based Internet Marketing professional as well. You have some great stuff here.