How to Use Facebook to Get Clients

By: Shama Hyder

1) Leverage your Profile– If a client walked into your office, what would you want them to see? Would it be articles you have written? Your professional looking demeanor? Awards you won? Your Facebook profile is your virtual office. If you wouldn’t put it up in your office, don’t put it on your profile. Your profile allows you to showcase your talents to prospects. Use this space wisely.

2) Reach out– I am not sure what it is about Facebook, but people respond to messages faster than email. It’s more casual and has a coffee shop hello feel to it. I have reached out to many people I didn’t know and the result has always been positive. Ask for advice, offer feedback, or just say hi. The idea is to get the conversation started while being respectful of people’s time.

3) Add applications selectively-
There are some applications that are MADE to get your business noticed. Some of these applications are: My Box, Business Card, and Blog Reader. You can search for these applications on Facebook and pick the ones you like best. Don’t clutter your profile. Keep it clean and professional. These applications are marketing tools.

4) Join Groups and Participate Actively- There are online groups on Facebook for almost every topic imaginable. And some groups are more active than others. Find active groups related to your industry and participate. Leave comments, start discussions, and reach out to fellow members. Don’t see a group that you like? Start your own! It’s easy and it helps establish you as a leader in your field.

5) Easy to get in touch with  Bloggers and Reporters-
Bloggers and reporters are people too. They are always looking for sources to cite. The best part? Many of them are on Facebook and on constant alert for the next cool story. They are also easier to get it touch with on Facebook. My friend, Peter Shankman, started a group on Facebook to connect reporters with expert sources. His group grew so big that he now has his own site. It’s f’ree to join and has led to great publicity for many. You can check it out here.

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  • Hanif Rehman

    Hi Shama,

    Apart from facebook have you tried any other Social Marketing tools for instance LinkedIn and Xing? Just wondered what your thoughts were as these two tools promote networking concepts as well.

    Speak soon,