How To: Twitter Advertising for Business


“How To: Twitter Advertising for Business”

video transcription: Hello this is Shama Kabani, CEO of the Marketing Zen Group, and I’d like to talk to you about Twitter Advertising. Twitter Advertising has evolved a lot in the last couple of years, short couple of years. I’d like to call this the third generation of Twitter advertising. The first phase was where Twitter allowed only companies with a certain budget to be able to advertise on their platform, and that was for companies with a minimum of a $5,000 ad budget, just for Twitter alone. Then Twitter opened it up for certain American Express Card holders and they got emails to be able to participate in the Twitter advertising program. Very recently, I received an invitation for my Twitter account @shama to use Twitter advertising and I’ve noticed that this is a trend, and more and more people are getting these invites. It looks like they’re going after businesses, CEO’s, and people who have a certain amount of Twitter followers, but that number is unknown.

What does that really look like? What does that mean for you? The biggest thing you need to know about this type of Twitter advertising is that it’s making it a lot more accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you felt like you couldn’t really participate in it earlier, you can now. A lot of similar options that the other companies have already been doing with Twitter are now available and again this is for a small group of people. They are testing this out, but I have no doubt they will open it up to the public very soon.

Here’s what that looks like.

This is exactly the email I recently got from Twitter about Marketing the account and using Twitter advertising to get followers. This is one of the first times Twitter has opened up its advertising model across the board. Very, very few companies, in the big scheme of things have been using Twitter so far to market. Let’s see what happens when you click here and I would like to walk you through it in case you are wondering how this works and how to advertise with Twitter.

We’re logged into my account now and the first thing it does is asks you for locations, so you can target people wherever you want. Let’s say you want more followers, more Twitter followers, specifically from the US, you can do that. You can also choose certain specific US metropolitan areas. If you are a local business, if you are really trying to say, “Hey, Dallas, Texas is our market or New York City is where we would love to get more followers,” this is where you would specify that. For purposes here we’ll just say anywhere in the world, we’ll save it. The second prompt that pops up it says, “Gain new followers by promoting your account”. This is what it will look like, exactly here, who to follow, so on the left hand side it’ll show people, based on who we’ve chosen, recommend them to follow my account.

You can cap spending. Say we don’t want to spend no more than $30.00 a day. That’s about $900.00 a month. It says you will be charged between $0.50 and $1.25 for each new follower. This is a maximum bid so you can always lower this. It also tells you exactly what to expect. In this case it’s going to do twenty eight to forty two new followers per day. Start promoting your account.

It also gives you this option.

You can amplify your message by promoting your Tweets. That means you can specify what you want to spend per day. What we did earlier was promoted account, encouraging people to follow this account, but you can also promote specific tweets. This is really great if you are having an event, if you are doing something very specific. If there is a specific message that you want to get out, you can do this. It works exactly like the promoted account. For now I am just going to say skip for now. It asks you for a payment method, which you can put a credit card and set up. The setup process for Twitter advertising is very simple. The most important thing to remember about Twitter is that you have to provide value. No amount of advertising is going to help you in the long run to market your business or organization, if you don’t have an authentic twitter strategy. What is it that you are going to share with your followers and how are you going to keep them engaged. Good things coming up from Twitter and advertising. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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  • pankaj saraf

    Hello Shama,
    The information you clarify in the blog is so helpful even I don’t know that twitter providing paid marketing. Your blog consist information that are necessary for a business & I must say the article was contagious and absolutely drew me in. Actually I am planning to start a sports accessory shop & I also planning for online selling of products will you please tell me how would I do marketing of my website? Also please tell me is there any other social website except twitter for online marketing??