How To Rank Higher on Google Without Even Trying

Bet we reeled you in with that headline, didn’t we? Well, of course! Everybody is looking for ways to rank higher on Google, and if there’s a hack for that, then why not take advantage?

Well, it may not technically qualify as a hack, but there is a new and as yet little-known way to rank higher on Google without really even trying very hard. It’s not a matter of intensive search engine optimization or hyperactive keyword use. It’s simply a matter of using Google Plus to its full potential.

Yep, you heard right. (Or read right, anyway…) The secret lies in taking advantage of the way Google Plus works.

An Experiment

To get a feel for what we’re talking about here, open up a new tab and log out of your Google account right now. Don’t worry – we’ll wait for you.

Now, search for something. Anything. Tony Romo. How to build a treehouse. Downton Abbey. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Take a good look at the results. They look like your normal, average, everyday Google search results, right?

OK, now log back into your Google account, and do the exact same search.

Notice a difference?

You should. You’ll notice that certain listings are completely gone, replaced by listings your Google Plus connections have recommended! (Disclaimer: If you aren’t very active on Google Plus yet, or don’t have many people in your circles, your results may look the same both ways. But read on to find out how you can change that…)

What Happened?

By logging in to your Google account, you suddenly see things that wouldn’t normally pop up in your results, and all because someone you follow on Google Plus shared or +1ed them. Interestingly enough, this new Google bias also shows you listings recommended by people you’re not following on Google Plus – but who you have been in email contact with through your Gmail account, as well.

Make it Work for You

How can you harness this for your own Google ranking purposes? Glad you asked.

When your potential clients and customers are out there searching the web – if they’re logged into their Google accounts – you can grab their attention with much less SEO work. All you have to do is get them to follow you on Google Plus, and content you share that’s related to their search will rank significantly higher in their search listings than it would if they were logged out, or if they weren’t following you.

Now, don’t rely too heavily on this new insight. First of all, there is a time decay element – older items that have been shared don’t show up in the listings, only recent ones. And secondly, remember – people have to be logged in to their Google accounts in order to see these different results. Which means they have to have a Google account in the first place. But if your demographic is one that utilizes Google Plus, then you’ve now got a new, much easier way of connecting with them.

What conclusions can we draw from all this? It’s time to get active on Google Plus! Grow your circles, follow others, and share quality content so that others will follow you. Get influencers to share your content, too. That way, their large audiences will all suddenly see your content in their search listings, as well. And finally, publish new content on a regular basis, to counteract that time decay. By putting just a little time and care into your Google Plus strategy, you’ll soon be ranking higher on Google – without really even trying.


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  • Sam Fisher

    Nice Article ! Google plus is a good platform to connect with your target customers