How to Navigate the New Facebook Design

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  • Stephanie

    Hi Shama…I mostly like the new interface, but I can’t figure out how to edit my personal lists. I used to be able to make separate lists of friends (example: personal friends, IM friends, local friends, business contacts, etc.). My lists remained intact, but now it takes two more clicks to get to them :(. Also, I can’t figure out where to edit these lists, or create new ones. There used to be a pencil icon when I’d hover over one of the lists that I could click and then edit the list.

    Can you help me figure this out? Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Ignore my previous post Shama – I figured it out! After 3 days – ugh!

    • Shama

      Stephanie – Do you want to share how for others to learn? :)

  • Stephanie

    Sure! I love the list feature because I can take a quick look at a specific group without having to scroll through my entire Newsfeed (think Twitter groups). Here’s how to create and edit your lists:

    1) Click “Friends” in the left column
    2) At the top right of the center column, click the box that says “+Create List”
    3)Name your list and choose the people you want on that list.
    4) Click “Create List” – and you’re done!

    Now that list will appear under “Friends” in the left column. Click it whenever you want to see the feed from just that list.

    To edit your lists, just click the list you want to edit, and then click “Edit List” at the top right of the center column. Add or remove people and click “Edit List”. Done! Easy peasy! :) (Now why did it take me so long to find it! lol)

  • Janet Hilts

    Thanks for this great tutorial, Shama. I really appreciate the detail you go into.

    For some reason, when somebody sends me one of those apps, the option to block the app does not appear on my profile as it does on yours. Any ideas?


  • Marla Tabaka

    Thank you Shama! You always create clarity around these seemingly cumbersome changes…I love using your blog as a resource for my clients!