How to Make Your Business Card Unforgettable

People will judge a book by its cover and your business by your business card. It is your mini billboard so make sure you make the most of it!

Here are some quick tips: business card, unique business card, unforgettable business card, business card design

1) Use Strong Card Stock- A business card is a reflection of your business. A flimsy business card means a flimsy business. It also tends to get lost rather easily or torn. Remember, this is something you want people to hold onto for a long time. A 15 point card stock works best.

2) Look for Examples– Always be on the lookout for other good business cards. I have an informal collection of a few that I love. Notice what stands out. What gets your attention? Use the elements you like in your own business cards.

3) The Basics- As a general rule your card should contain: your name, your position, your company name, your contact information (phone number, fax number,website, email address). If you do all your business online, it is not necessary to put your office address on the card. Always keep the information on your cards updated.

4) The Design– A completely white business card is boring but too many colors can be distracting. If you have a good eye for design you can create your own. If not, get the professionals to do it. (Shameless yet Relevant Self Promotion- After the Launch offers professional business card designing services starting at 50 dollars).

5) The Back- Use both sides of your business card. Simple and useful information works best. For example, on the back of my business card I list After the Launch’s top services and below a simple message: "All Services come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee."  One client who does spiritual counseling has an uplifting quote on the back of her business card. People keep it in their wallets just to read when they are feeling low! Another client, an accountant, has a list of important tax deadlines on the back. Be creative and go with what works for your business.

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