How To: Improve Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Facebook Ads got you down? Frazzled? Some other negative adjective that you don’t want to be? Fret no more.

Split testing

The best method for streamlining your Facebook ads and achieving maximum effectiveness is split testing. If you’re a beginner, and maybe even if you’re not, this can sound daunting. A split test? Do I have to have lots of technical knowledge and run a bunch of numbers to do this?


The minimum resources needed for split testing are two similar Facebook Ads with small differences. You can run the same copy with a different image, or try the exact same ad on two different groups of people – the most obvious division being men and women. Try split testing with a larger groups: for example, test the same ad on both genders in multiple age ranges and with two different specific interests.

Run these ads for a day or two, and then see how they did. Eliminate the half of the ads that performed the least well. You have just successfully split tested your first set of Facebook Ads.

Ad fatigue

From the looks of it, this means that your ads get tired from running all the time (get it – “running” all the time). That’s not just a bad joke, because it’s also half correct. With ad fatigue, it’s not your ads that are actually getting tired.

It’s your Facebook target audience: they’re tired of seeing the same ad over and over and over.

It’s been shown that the more times a user is exposed to a given ad, the less likely they are to respond. This, by definition, makes them less likely to click on your ad and do whatever it is you want them to do.

To combat ad fatigue, you simply have to ensure that your target audience regularly sees something different from you. This means introducing new ads on a regular basis, or rotating your current images and copy so they don’t appear as frequently.

Other stuff

Gatekeeper apps: What drives Facebook users to like a page? Overwhelmingly, it’s the promise of a discount or promotional offer. A gatekeeper app or tab will reveal this discount or promotional offer to a fan, but only after they like your page. Send out an ad to your target audience featuring the promotion. You’ll be much more likely to create fans and even sales. If you can figure out a way to integrate a lead capture tool here to get people’s email addresses, that’s even more amazing.

Don’t spam and don’t be boring: Facebook advertising is not a midnight infomercial. Remember this. Tattoo this on your forearm. This is your new mantra – not just for Facebook Advertising, but in all areas.

How is Facebook Advertising working for you? Drop us a line and let us know. And if you need help, you can contact our Facebook marketing experts here.

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