How to Earn Some Good Karma Points

Today is Blog Action Day. Every October 15th, bloggers of the world unite to hone in on one message. This year’s message is WATER! That’s right. The one thing that we take for granted. How to conserve it, help others get access to it, and overall – make the world a better place. Charity: Water helps bring safe and clean drinking water to those who need it most in developing nations.

So, here is how you can help.

1) Go buy a copy of Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! on Amazon. All profits are donated to charity.

2) Tell your friends about it on Facebook and Twitter and the office. Handy links up top to the left.

3) Collect invisible but very real good Karma points. That stuff comes in handy just when you need it most. Oh, and the book is written by 300 VERY smart people. You are sure to get something out of it, no matter which walk of life you come from.

Please make it a good Friday. Thank you.

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  • Rahul Batra

    This is something really good. Doing something for noble cause is great felling and I will surely distribute this information.