How to Be a Social Media God or Goddess

By: Shama Hyder

Definition of Social Media God or Goddess: Having the supernatural ability to be in 10 places at once.

So, how do I do it? All right, all right, I’ll spill!

1) I have a blog which I update regularly. This is basic. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, update it regularly. If you update it regularly, keep reading! = )

2) I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, and Friendfeed. These are my current favorite social networking websites. By account, I mean I have signed up for each of these services and built a solid profile there.

3) I have an account on Tweet Later. I use Tweet Later for 2 major things. 1) To automatically follow whoever follows me, and 2) To automatically send them a welcome to Twitter message.

4) I have my blog feed connected to Facebook. I use 2 applications. 1) I have connected my notes feed to the rss feed of the blog. Every time I write an entry, it gets published as a note. 2) I use an application called “Blog RSS Feed Reader” which lists all my recent articles directly on my profile.

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  • Sal B

    Nice article. I submitted to Digg and StumbleUpon

  • Joselin

    Great Post. I love to leverage systems and you have created a great one to follow.

    Thanks for sharing your SuperNaturalness ;-P

  • Lou Bortone

    Hi Shama:

    Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of Neat find!

    Thanks again,


  • Stephanie LH Calahan

    Shama –
    Right on! I do similar things. I had a colleague today ask me if I ever slept b/c she saw me all over the place. Secret weapons! Keep sharing ways that you find to make things more productive! You know I love that.

    Actually, we have recently implemented a new service where we will get you set up with all of your accounts and do an introduction to so that you can get on to the real fun of contributing.

  • Aaron – Today is that Day

    Shama – Wow, what a great list. I have considered some of these in the past, but never put it together in such a concise, time-managed method as what you are doing.

    Awesome stuff! :)

  • Shama Hyder

    Glad I could be of service guys!

    Jeniffer-I will have to check the WordBook Plugin In. Thanks for the tip! = )

  • Matt Kushin

    Nice.. I’m going to check into Ping.FM…

  • Jeniffer

    Great stuff!
    I have a WordPress site, and I use a PlugIn called Wordbook, which automatically shows my posts on my profile. Very cool PlugIn! is a new one to me–I’m definitely going to look into that one!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeniffer

    P.S.-forgot to say, WordBook PlugIn works on FaceBook to show my latest posts.
    Now to go check out Ping.Fm!:-)

  • Mark Salinas

    Great tips! I do not have an account on Facebook….I might have to put that one on my list. I have been very unimpressed with Plurk, especially their search options. Nice post!