Published on 3rd Jul, 2009 in Online Marketing

Help! Stop the Pirates!

UPDATE: Social media indeed works. The person responsible came forward when they found this post. They have paid for the books, and apologized for their oversight. I don’t wish to mention their name or mar their reputation. I thank everyone who helped get this message out. You guys are terrific! Hey Guys, I need your help. Most of you know about my book – The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Currently available at in eBook form. Many of you also know that I confirmed a deal with a traditional publisher for a print book (probably due out next Spring). I will be pulling the eBook shortly. I recently found out that my eBook was given away at a workshop without my permission. This is the email I got from a participant (name withheld)- Hi Shama- Someone gave me a copy of Zen of Social Media. I’m assuming she had permission because it was included in a package of information at a workshop. Can I send the file to someone else? I know someone who would like to read it. Thanks. XXXX This person did not feel comfortable sharing which workshop this happened at. However, I think that using the power of social media – we certainly can. Some of you may wonder – why should this irk me? Or, even venture to say – well, this is expected when dealing with e-products. But, there are 3 reasons I feel so strongly about this 1) I put a lot of value into the book, as do most authors I imagine. I don’t like the idea of someone “stealing” when so much value is readily available for just 27 bucks…AND 2) Because I have already made it free for non-profits and given away many copies to people who have emailed me with reasons they needed a copy – but couldn’t afford it. Yes, I get that times are hard. I am happy to give back in any way I can. 3) This was done at a workshop. I think organizers of workshops should have a high level of integrity. If this was a random case of a book being forwarded – I could overlook it. But, in this instance, someone deliberately gave away copies to the audience. I expect integrity from people interacting with groups of people. What happens now? Well, if you know anything about this, please contact me. I am not looking to berate the person who did this. I am looking to handle this in a legal and amicable manner. And – make sure it doesn’t happen again. I also think this would be a great case study in how social media can effectively stop (or hinder) piracy efforts.