Help: Name the Puppy and Win a $100.00 Gift Card from K9 Cuisine

By: Shama Hyder

I love my job. = ) Running a virtual company has its perks, and when you have amazing clients-it makes the job EVEN better!

A new member has joined our After The Launch team-an 8 week old male Maltepoo (maltese and poodle mix). He is the 2nd official mascot (the 1st is a 2 year old cat named Chuchi).

The puppy was originally named Bubba, but it doesn’t seem fitting. So, we are hosting a contest!

Name the puppy and WIN!

Suggest a name for the puppy in the comments.

If we choose that name, you will win a $100.00 gift card from our client K9 Cuisine. Best part-they offer FREE shipping! = )

This contest will close on July 21, 2008, and a winner will be announced!

Winning Name: SNOOPY! Thank you for submitting all these WONDERFUL names. It was a tough choice, but something about a dreamer pup from another era fit well. Winner will be contacted directly.

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  • drury bynum

    Bocephus, Barkley, Duece, Lucious, Buck, Tump, Bishop, Beaker, Hank, Bumper

  • Kavit

    Hey Shama

    Here are a few:

    – Wax
    – Misha
    – Rory
    – Stix


  • Julio

    Hi Shama, he looks like “Snowflake” to me.

  • Donna Fox

    How about Digg?

  • Greg Halpen

    Such a cutie patootie!

    Well, I will have to admit, that I do like the name Bubba for a cutie like him.(The contrast)

    So, a name huh? Well, How about Posha?

    That’s the name I pick.



  • Elizabeth Marshall

    Hey Shama,

    Great contest! Can I submit more than one name?

    When I look at your baby puppy, here’s the name that seems to fit:

    Winston OR Sir Winston (in honor of Winston Churchill)

    He appears to be very dignified and wise!

  • Ashley

    I think he looks like a Dexter.

  • emerywebster

    Fonzi, Sheep, Rocket [launch…], Serch, Server, Patch(es), Nerf, Papa Smurf

  • Ron@TheWisdomJournal

    My family and I once thought about how the names of different cheeses would go great for dog’s names: Colby, Jack, Chedder, Gouda, Blue, Mozz(arella), Queso, Romano, Feta, Brie. This little puppy looks like a “Jack” to me!

  • Eram Pirani

    Deacon, Berkley, Elvis, Herbie, Ceasar, Lambo, Beamer, Cody…thats all i can think of so far…I will keep thinking! Hershey wants K9 cuisine! :)

  • Robin Jones

    Hi Shama,

    Had a friend once who named his dog Here Boy. Had another than named her dog Deeogee (say it out loud).



  • Rebecca Olkowski

    Pup o’Tea

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  • Pete Larson

    I like these names:


    Cute dog!

  • Keith

    His name should be “Weezer” this name is incredibly cute and meaningful! You will understand and have a great appreciation up until the day he is fully house broken. If this does not meet your naming tastes then I recommend “The Big Weezer” This is even cuter and packed with more meaning and you can call him “BW” for short.

    Here are a few more names that might fit your fancy: “Price” “Toby” “LB”-(Lover Boy)”Angel” “Ozzie” “JC”- (Just Cute) or maybe keep his name simple like “Bill” “Bob” yu get the idea. Good Luck and I vote for “Weezer”

  • Sonora

    Congrats Shama on your new pet. I agree, pup doesn’t look like a Bubba to me either.

    I would go with Divine. :)

  • Emily Blum

    Looks like a happy puppy, how about Wags?

  • Bryan Lee

    Shama, here are a couple I came up with:

    Blanco (spanish for white)

  • Terry Coulter

    How ’bout Cotton?

    Enjoy the puppy!

  • Viviana

    He is beyond adorable Shama!

    My picks for names would be:

    Nube (Spanish for cloud)
    Kumo (Japanese for cloud)
    Shiro (Japanese for white)


  • Kristen

    The first thing that came to my mind was Milky.

    My favorite dog names lately are Cobb, Carter and Marty.
    Good luck with the new pooch – no mater what his name is he will have lucky life.

  • Dee

    Vanilla Malted (call name Van/Vannie or Malto)

  • Mona

    Awww, looks a bit like my little Zazzu: – – although this picture isn’t the best.

    How about “Ajax” ?

    Good name!

    Enjoy the little guy1

  • Arun Rajagopal

    Hello Shama:
    I’m going to call him:
    1. Jubu
    2. Shifu
    3. Master
    4. Yogi
    He looks so cute!

  • Afzal Khan

    Hi Shama,

    Good to see contest exclusively for ur new puppy!, Certainly “Bubba” doesn’t suits him.

    I would suggest to name it as “Twitter” or if you like name it on the person’s name whom you think is ur competitor, just like Amir Khan’s puppy name is “Shahrukh” :-)

    Twitter suits much better coz every one will start following him…



  • Saint Lover

    Banan – (Irish) white
    Blizzard – (English) snowstorm
    Casper – (Dutch) the friendly ghost
    Elgin – (Olde English)- white, high minded
    Oran – (Gaelic) pale skinned
    Shiro – (Japanese) White

    Good luck naming you gorgeous new pup!

  • Courtney Camera

    Feels like Cory OR Cody…
    at least from a photo I saw on Facebook!


  • Fortdan Marie D. Teofilo

    These are the names fitted to your cutie puppy:

    seikoo ( Sucess in Japanese)
    Zai Zai (Fortune)
    shisan (Fortune)
    tomi (Fortune)

  • Ray Peacock

    Looks to me like a super poof!

    How about Pooof? (I like the really loong “o” sound)

    Like “Pooof, you’re done”

    And “Pooof, you are unique!”

    or, “My Pooof is a Maltepoooo”

    Cute Pup by any name!

  • Jan Murphy

    How about Q-tip

  • Dean

    Super cute doggy. I want one!

    I’ve got three suggestions:

    1. Proxy
    2. Modo
    3. Sake (pronounced “sock-ee” like the wine)

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  • Barbara

    Awww! He’s adorable!

    Here’s a couple of names for you:
    Drifa – Norse word for snowfall
    Uller – Viking snow god – he looks pretty regal, doesn’t he?

  • Christel

    Yup, doesn’t really look like a ‘Bubba’ to me either. How about ‘Carson.’

    Cute little guy.

  • Jenni Hilton

    He is so sweet! I like ballpark names for dogs like Fenway or Wrigley. Our first dog was named Callahan after Dirty Harry. Connery for Sean Connery.

    Other ideas – Snow, Curly, Blanco, Mayberry, Hershey, Pookie, Poochie, Nick (John Cusack movie), Lloyd, Dobler, Martin, Shiroi (Japanese for white).

  • Brendan

    How about:

    Bing Bong

    And my favourite Mr.Jimmy

  • courtney

    he looks like a Bently!

  • Doreen

    Pupply looks like ‘Salem’ to me, an ancient word for peace.

    Thanks for allowing us to play,

  • Melissa’s Cozy Teacup

    If it were a girl, I’d have to say olive because of that adorable nose. I’ll go with Plush. I just want to bury my face in his fur!

  • Colleen Bronstein

    When I first opened the link I saw the top of a white head and the name is….


  • frani


  • GV

    He looks like a “Rodger”…

  • Ian


  • Jackie @ Aging Backwards

    How about Pookie?

  • Sharon Campbell

    Precious! And enjoy!

  • Jason

    How about: Tchotchke

    … or, if you don’t want to go the marketing-related route..

    How about: Chachi

  • Marilyn Dayton

    What an extremely CUTIE! OK, here are a couple of names that have popped into my head. How about ‘Popcorn’ or “MyPoo”? I am in the market for a replacement puppy and now am looking for one like this. Good luck in your name search!

  • Victoria

    well….seeing as a certain someone just got voted the hottest blogger out there….how about naming the pooch after him?


    or Shank

    or Diver


  • Tom Mahoney

    He looks like a DeeOhGee to me.

    That’s D O G with the accent on the O

  • Lauren


    He’s so incredibly adorable! Give him a big hug for me!

  • Rebecca

    Charley is a good name!

  • Craig


    Good nicknames from that — and you can always say to him, “S’know what?!?!” when playing….

  • Belinda

    What about Bax or Baxter?

  • Margie

    He looks like a “Boodle” to me! Too cute. Enjoy!

  • Michele

    How about Koda?
    The hard “k” sound works best in getting the dog’s attention especially for training.

  • Angela

    So cute! How about the name Bentley?

  • Teresa Fritschi

    Hi Shana, very very cute.

    I suggest “Blane” which is in the ‘white” family of names (like the female Blanche) and isn’t ‘too fluffy’ a name for a male dog. And when you are ready – my little company offers English Bridle leather dog collars and matching leashes hand made to order in Scotland (for about 20% of the price that they SHOULD be).

    Oh, I don’t need the gift certificate but I would be thrilled if you’d donate it to an animal shelter.

    All best, many happy days together.

  • Liz

    My lab Lark and golden Buck believe he should have a name that’s fitting for a “big dog”- Lawrence or Harlan.

  • Andrew

    I would suggest the name Bogey…as in Humphrey Bogart of the Maltese Falcon

  • Stephanie Trahd

    This ‘wise’ little guy looks like a “Balthazar” to me!

    [Enjoy him! My puppy (now 8 years old) makes me laugh every single day!]

  • Simmi

    Flapjack – “jack” for short, perhaps?

  • Jonathan Bernstein

    How about “Hoot.” He has bit of a white hoot owl look to him….but also that could play to “what a hoot he is,” etc.

  • shetech

    “Bommie”, short for “Abominable Snowman”

  • Grant

    How about a compliment to the other mascot…the cat named Chuchi?

    or Poochie

    Then get a Minah bird, name it Achuchi and train it to say all three names…

  • Jennifer Hicks

    Vegas is her name

  • Deborah

    What an adorable dog!!

    As small dogs are known for their spunk and speed, here are my suggestions:



  • John Whiteside


    He is part Maltese after all… :)

  • Tina

    Harry Go Lucky

  • Monica Ricci

    Oh my, isn’t he a little cutie! When something (or someone) is super cute, I always call them a biscuit. So that’s my name suggestions: Biscuit

    If not, you could always go with the least obvious choice for a fluffy little critter like that: Thor

    Whatever you name him, I’m sure he will have a great home and be very loved.


  • Michael

    I used to have a small dog like this; very cute!

    There is only one name.


    (Pick the name and I’ll send the “Beware of Dog” sign your way)

    Think about when you tell your friends about your new dog named Killer and then they see this cutie?!

  • Stephanie

    How about Myron?

  • Amy

    Aw, “Cotton” is really cute.

    I suggest “Dudley.”

  • Julie

    Moxie – it fits the face

  • edeldoug








  • Patty Stofanak

    Here are a few more to add to the pot: Bentley, Ziggy, Finn, Chef, Einstein, Howard (aka Howie) or Henry. He does look rather distinguished and wise. Good luck!

  • Michelle Johnston

    How about:
    Sage (he has wise eyes)

  • Mandy

    I have told myself from the beginning, if ever I get a little white dog, I will name it Guimauve (“gui” [rhymes with key] + mauve [like the color]), which is french for “marshamllow”. I pass this idea on to you :)

  • Dana Krydick

    I have a Peek-a-Poo named Peek…pretty original A! One of the many names that I call her is Bubba which often gets shortened to Bubs! We (my husband and two boys) did the math and found that Peek has about 20 different nicknames! And to think of all the sleep we lost trying to choose the perfect name. If you don’t like Bubs as much as I do then here are three other suggestions…
    Halo (just because)
    Helu (I believe the H is silent).
    Helu is a word from the Maltese language that translates to Sweet in English. Because he is part Maltese and he looks as sweet as as sweet can be I thought this would be a very fitting name.
    Because he also looks like a thinker…I offer Pense which is a dirivative of pensador(Portuguese)and Pensatore (Italian)! buona fortuna…chow!

  • Katie

    It seems fitting for an “office” dog to have an office-type name… So, why not name him Halpert (Hal for short)or Beasley – after Jim or Pam from The Office.

  • Jessie

    Tonka – like a Tonka truck lol.

  • Renee Belisle

    He looks like a Marty to me.

  • twistedparrot

    How about Charlemagne (Charlie for short)? He certainly looks like a conqueror (of hearts) to me! :-)

  • Michael

    Focus Poop
    I am sorry–I couldn’t resist :)

  • Adrienne Fritze

    Jeremiah the Exquisite


  • Kate Winckler

    He’s adorable! My suggestion is “Henry.”


  • Mary Ellen

    Jake for short…

  • Clara

    He’s almost as cute as my toy poodle :) How about Puff as in Puff the Magic Dragon?

  • Erika

    How about:

    General Maximus

  • Suzanne Henry

    CUTE! How about Apollo?

  • Nancy Shankman

    How about Amadeus? The white, fluffy coats remind me of the wigs that Mozart used to wear.

  • Cynthia Amorese

    This pup is definitely “CASPER!” White and blurry-edged like the friendly ghost. Masculine in an understated way (he could never be a Bix or Tug). Rare and distinctive. Plus, the name goes well with your other mascot’s name (“Casper and Chuchi” could get up to all kinds of shenanigans as the heroes of a children’s series). And my own dog seems to like the sound of it — she perks up her ears, turns her head, and wags her tail when I say “Casper.”

  • Ernest Nicastro

    OK Shama, here we go:

    Whitey, as in Whitey Ford as in white dog. Yeah, I know. Really obvious.
    Jake, as in it’s short, one syllable, manly but friendly.
    Or, in a bow to his French heritage, Jacques.
    Oscar, as in he kind of looks like an Oscar.
    Cumulus, as in a white cumulus cloud. Nah, too many syllables.
    Einstein, as in he’s way smart.

    That’s it. Those are my best shots.

    All the best to you and your new team member.

  • Joe Russo

    Button (nose)

    Good for Male or Female

  • Rosanne Desmone

    He’s adorable! But he also looks like a tough little guy. So, I suggest Titan.

  • Amy Oztan

    OK, maybe I’m just hungry, but the first name that came to mind? Coconut Cake. Coco for short, which will be funny since the cutie isn’t chocolate colored.

  • David

    That is a Harry if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Jelena

    Hmmm… it’s an internet marketing puppy, so maybe its name should reflect its social media origins?

    -Haro (because I saw this on HARO)

    Then again, you might want to choose a name with a meaning indicating that the pup will bring good things to your business. How about:

    -Ashwin (Sanskrit, meaning “of great wealth”)
    -Duarte (English, meaning “wealth protector”)– like this one!
    -Vardhana (Sanskrit, meaning “bestower of riches”)
    -Otto (German, meaning “wealth”)
    -Eadulf (German, meaning “rich wolf”)
    -Yusri (Arabic, meaning “well off”)

    But he’s a wee Maltese, meaning perhaps he should have a name hailing from Malta, where the native language spoken is sort of a mixture of Siculo-Arabic and English:

    -Anglu (Angel)
    -Kelb (Dog)
    -Ors (Bear)
    -Xadina (Monkey)
    -Re (King)
    -Zahar (Blossom)
    -Rajel (Man)

    But Maltese families don’t just go around naming their children random Maltese words. You might name the pup one of the most popular baby names in Malta (from a 2007 list):


    Or, a traditional Maltese boy’s name:


    OR! Malta is the home of the Knights of Malta, a secretive Catholic military order, so perhaps a knight’s name for your little Maltese:


    And the current Grand Master of the Knights of Malta’s name:

    -Andrew Willoughby Bertie

    Enjoy the pup!

  • Nancy Shankman

    And if you don’t like Amadeus, then maybe just Mozart:) He might be musical.

  • Susan Hawkins

    He’s a major cutie who will have gender-identity issues unless you give him a macho name. I recommend “Hulk.”

  • Mattison Grey

    He is very cute!

    How about:

    Boy Boy

    enjoy him!


  • Vicki

    He’s adorable! I think he looks like a Sparky or Puff. Or, how about Charmin (“Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”) :)

  • A. Roots

    Hi Shama,
    Congrats on your beautiful new pup! Like you, I also have an all white dog with a profuse coat – an American Eskimo dog. I named her Pukak (pronounced POO-ka)because that’s an Inuit word meaning “first snow, sugar snow”.

    Pukak’s now almost 10 years old and is as brilliant white as the day I brought her home, thanks to a standing appointment with her groomer every four weeks, daily brushing by me, and my secret weapon.

    My secret weapon is the baby wipe. I buy the generic, cheap, alchohol and fragrance-free kind which I clean my girl’s feet and hind end with. I do this religiously every single time I bring her in from walks and potty breaks. It’s a quick, easy, and very effective way to keep a white dog looking fabulous and clean. That’s criticallly important to me because Pukak is a therapy dog besides being my companion and sidekick.

    Unlike most white dogs I’ve seen, my pup does not have nasty yellow and brown stains on her rear end thanks to the baby wiping. Nor are her feet stained from dirt or the red clay here in NC. Baby wipes really work.

    Finally, I think a sweet name for your puppy would be Spot.

    Best wishes with your darling new dog,
    Anu Roots
    word nerd copywriting

  • Stephen Hopson

    Oh, I want that dog! I was just writing a post about how my friends have been suggesting I got a cute little dog.

    How about Faith?

    If I win, I don’t want the certificate – I want the dog! LOL.

  • CeliaSue


    how bout




    sam the man


    or just plain fred the fluffball

  • CeliaSue

    oops, i forgot


  • Ashley

    I like Dandruff – it’s silly and playful, like a pup and a god companion but it also has “ruff,” like a dog! And, the obvious, he’s white :)

  • Stacey Dobis

    Well with him being a mascot for a canine cuisine place I was thinking “Sous” for Sous chef.

  • Laura Strachan

    Variations on a theme: Dashiell, Hammett, Sam, Spade, Falcon. I like Hammett myself.

  • rickey gold

    How adorable!

    I like Bruce or Shatzi (soft “a”)

  • chef JoAnna

    People always ask you what your dog’s name is, even before they ask you what yours is, so he can help you break the ice in conversations and give you an opportunity to network with people.

    So I propose your dog is named SEO (but you’d pronounce it “see-o”) because when you explain it, you’ll get to network at the doggie park!

    My husband and I have two dogs, named after our jobs. “His” dog is named “Render” because of what he (the husband) does with video animation… and “mine” is named “Noodles” because i’m a chef. Works great for us: “Noodles is an interesting name…” “Well, I’m a chef…” “Oh, really, where do you work?”

    TIP: it’s important that the name not something you’d be embarrassed to yell across the dog park, like “Mister Cuddlemuffin”.

  • Rebecca Thorpe

    How about Spencer or Henry or Milton? He looks very important and needs a substantial name.

  • Mike

    Since he’s white and soft, how about Charmin?

  • Donna

    Hi Shama,
    Congratulations on your new family member! He’s a doll! It’s hard to suggest a name without seeing him in action, but “Curly” comes to mind. Also, “Sonny” or “Sunny?”

    Hope you find the perfect name among all the great suggestions that have been posted.

  • M.J.

    Wow, naming a pup without meeting him…I’ll give it a whirl:

    Cheech (to go with Chuchi)
    D-O-G – say the letters quickly (with emphasis on the D) and it sounds Italian.

  • Megan

    How about Milo?

  • Barbara DesChamps

    He looks like a Cloud or Puffball (or just Puff) to me.

  • Fran

    He looks like “Nelson” to me…

  • Fran

    Also looks like a “Clancy”…

  • Diane

    Cute puppy!! He looks like a CASEY to me!! :-)

  • Peter


  • Sharon Rich

    Congrats. What a cute face.

    For some mystery reason, “Sully” came to mind…

  • Sheri

    I keep reading everyone’s good wishes for a happy puppy life. How about “Lucky”? He reminds me of a teddy bear, I’d probably name him Bear.

    I have a friend with a bichon named Blue and I love that name. Her Blue gets blueberry facials too, to keep his fur super white :)

    He is a really beautiful little dog.

  • Caitlin


  • Rachel Hunt

    A very noble (and cute) puppy. How about Tristan?

  • Jen

    He looks like a:
    Domino (well, the white dots on a domino…)

    Good luck!

  • Maureen Upchurch

    What do you think of Snappy?

  • Lena

    A name for the puppy…how about Falcon? As in the ‘Maltese Falcon’- first thing that popped to mind.

  • Denise Graveline

    Over here at don’t get caught, a communications consultancy, we try to make sure you don’t get caught unprepared for all sorts of communications situations. In this case, don’t get caught naming your dog something you don’t want to yell when he runs away. It’s a good litmus test for the names.

    How about Fluffernutter?

  • Cass

    Apollo – the god of light and truth.

    I also like Jack.

  • Suzie

    What a cutie! He looks like a baby harp seal to me. Why not name him Harper or Harpo (also for the Marx brothers)?

    Enjoy him; he’s adorable.

  • Abdul Aziz

    I like the name, “Snoopy.” And for days when he’s behaving somewhat uncouth, you can always call him — “Snoop Doggy Dogg.” :-P

  • Bernadette Harding

    Because he’s a maltese mix, and because maltese always makes me think of The Maltese Falcon, I would pick either Humphrey, Bogart or Bogie.

    If you pick Bogie and the cat’s a girl, you could always call her Bacall.

    As in, Bogie and Bacall…

  • Linda Condrillo

    The first thing that popped into my head after seeing that little furball was … “Furbie” !!! How cute is that?

    Enjoy him.


  • AC


  • Lindsay

    What an adorable puppy!

    How about Bentley? Or Tucker? I think either name would be fitting!

  • Stefanie

    I have always loved the name “Baxter” for a dog, and thought it would be particularly cute and appropriate for a puppy since “Bax” as a nickname screams “mischief.”

    It’s bittersweet to help name other people’s dogs, because my building doesn’t allow them! Otherwise, I’ve always wanted a pair: Colby & Jack. Saw that someone else wants to name dogs after all types of cheese!

    Good luck deciding on this cutie’s name.

  • Alice Hohl


  • Heather


  • dulcie

    How about “Plush” … because he is so perfectly cute, doesn’t even seem real, more like a plush animal.

    Or … “Bo” because although he is a spokesdog for K9, he is a perfect 10 (think Bo Derek).

  • Erin

    He is so cute! When I saw him, I thought “Piper” and “Poppy.”

  • Stephanie

    While I’ve always joked about the idea of naming a dog “Dammit”…. you know, “Get over here, Dammit” or “Stop that, Dammit” – here are a couple suggestions.

    – Oscar
    – Miles
    – Oliver
    – Omar
    – Toby

    Good Luck!

  • mairsy

    I thionk his name is “Gentle”

  • Meg

    How about Yeti? He is so white and fluffy, the name should have something with the snow.

  • Wendy

    I think he’s either a

    Button (as in “cute as a”)

    Enjoy him!

  • Maria


  • Lydia Sugarman

    Pepin. I had a friend in grade school whose family got a fluffy white Spitz and names him Pepin. Somehow this French king’s name really fit the little white dog. It’s unusual without being weird or just “too cute.” Otherwise, Buddy because he is.

  • Chuck Hester


  • Chuck Hester


  • Beverly Solomon

    He is sooooo cute. I use to be in sales and marketing in the fragrance business. Because he is white, it reminds me of the beautiful packaging of Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent. I suggest the name Kouros because he is beautiful and elegant like Yves Saint Laurent.

  • Paula Moerland

    Darrin – like from Bewitched – look at those eyes!

  • Andrea Bishop, LCSW

    How about Cotton, or Sable or Mink(he looks as soft as a Sable or Mink coat). Or mabybe he is as cuddly as Flannel or Fleece? Then again, we used to joke with my step daughter that she could help name our first child and we got a lot of giggles out of the names Propecia and Lubriderm (rx names from TV ads…Viagra for a girl? LOL! Sorry, I digress…use the fabric names above for my votes. Andrea

  • Mary Alice in Austin, TX

    My suggestion: Halo (as in the ring of light around an angel’s head).

    Why? He looks angelic. His hair adorns him like the white puffy clouds that you pray greet you at heaven’s gate. Angel seems close, but not quite right. So that’s my two cents on why you should name this precious pup Halo.

    That, and my dog is suffering from a severe lack of attention since we welcomed our first baby home. $100 in free food would help make him feel special. :)

  • Darcy Keith

    Hi! When my 5 year old daughter saw the dog, she said, “Mommy, that’s a snowball.” My husband likes the name Drift. So, there you go, Snowball or Drift. :)

  • David

    My 12 year old daughter who knows such things says:

    I’m thinking Bloomberg.

  • Jennifer

    How about Miko (pronounced me-ko)?

  • Meghan

    Since I hear he’ll be the office dog…his position will obviously be Head of Security! Could be called, “HOS” (rhymes with sauce) and I can’t help it, but “Don’t hassel the HOS” would NEVER get old. :)

    If HOS doesn’t make the cut…my vote’s Haro!

  • Jen A. Miller


  • Jason Brown


  • Megan

    Kumquat comes to mind when I look at him. Small,cute and delicious
    Kumquat is an edible fruit closely resembling that of the orange (Citrus sinensis) but is smaller and oval.

  • Raymond

    How about — Fang

  • Emily


  • Shama

    Winning Name: SNOOPY! Thank you for submitting all these WONDERFUL names. It was a tough choice, but something about a dreamer pup from another era fit well. Winner will be contacted directly.