After The Launch

See Jack quit his job

See Jack use his life savings to launch his own business. The business of his dreams.

See Jack struggle, squirm, and try all the traditional methods after the launch.

See Jack close his business and come tumbling down.

I saw Jack. In fact I saw so many Jacks (and Jills) that I decided to start After the Launch-a safe haven that helps service professionals start and skyrocket their business the SMART way. The main difference between the traditional way and the smart way is best summed up by the bold quote on the top banner-

“In business for yourself, not by yourself.”

Only 1 out 5 businesses survives the first three years. Why? My research leads me to believe it’s because the majority don’t realize the need for structure and support until it is too late. They spend most of their time and effort launching their business (their baby!), and then have very little idea about what to do After The Launch.

Most entrepreneurs are artists of the most creative kind. They sometimes forget that business is also part science. After the Launch is all about providing strategies, insights, and tools to help you master the rules of business- so you can break them like an artist.

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  1. Great work! Very interesting and worthy. Why I am going to write is just to let you know – I also working in similar ideas but with different exposure. Definitely I would like to share some information with you meanwhile I am authoring a book “First step towards social business”.

    Thank you for your challenging step.

  2. As far as it goes with me what i feel is that you have to know how the business goes and you should be able to for see what you want from your business. With the proper amount of capital to back you up you will be able to do it. That is what i would considering working smart.

  3. Hi Personal Growth. Knowing what you want from your business and an objective view are definitely elements of working smart. However, doing smart business really means optimizing every single element possible. It is about doing business the easy way (learning from others, managing your time well, etc), rather than struggling with it all.

  4. Shama: I am looking for your online planning guide referenced in the 2008 published book, Social Media Marketing: an hour per day. The author referenced, which may be a dead link. Can you help me? Thanks so much.

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