Published on 13th Mar, 2012 in Social Media Marketing

Have You Found Your Social Media Marketing Zen?

Social media changes with the blink of an eye. Sites are redesigned overnight. Larger companies buy smaller companies. Surprise, your Facebook profile is a Timeline now! How’s anyone supposed to write a book about a constantly evolving topic?

That’s easy – you just have to update it! Our CEO Shama Kabani wrote the first edition of her bestselling book The Zen of Social Media Marketing in 2010. The book’s companion website was continually updated, but it’s 2012 now. Facebook doesn’t look like this anymore:

That (along with many other changes) is why The Zen of Social Media Marketing needed an update! So get ready, get set… (Drumroll please) …for the 2012 edition of The Zen of Social Media Marketing! Available in both print and Kindle editions, the updated 2012 edition has brand new content on Google+, Facebook ads, and SEO, as well as updates on developments with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And that’s not even everything!

If you’re struggling to understand the components of a successful social media marketing strategy, we suggest picking up a copy of our resident zen master’s book. After reading it, let us know if you still have any questions about Circles and Timelines and SEO – our experts are here for a reason!