Ghosts, Goblins, and Rejections-How to Get Over your Entrepreneurial Fears

I remember being terrified of Halloween when I was very young. I didn’t care if it was my cousin in a stupid gorilla mask. It was the mask that scared me!  I couldn’t see beyond the surface. However as I got a little older, I started enjoying the holiday. I looked forward to dressing up as a princess or a princess bride (what else was there?). I imagined the hordes of candy my sister and I would collect before it was ever in our little pumpkin shaped baskets. My father joked that only America could make a holiday out of begging children, but I didn’t care. The same holiday that had caused me so much agony just a few years ago had turned into one of my favorite days of the year. I could now see beyond the gorilla mask.

Non-entrepreneurs are often like very young children-they are scared by the surface look of things. They can’t begin to imagine what thrill or treats await them. They don’t dare venture outside the door and into the ghoulish gates of their neighbors. They are rather content with a piece or two of the candy their siblings share with them. They tell themselves "that’s all I need anyway, I will get cavities like mom says, and well…there is always next year." New entrepreneurs are a little more courageous. They don a costume (a not so scary one) and go out into the world (with their parents of course), and are happy going down the street and back. They don’t risk going to the houses of people they don’t know and avert their eyes when they see the really scary costumes. Then there are the more seasoned entrepreneurs who know deep down that ghosts and goblins can’t hurt them. They go up to every house in the neighborhood and demand candy! Trick or Treat they yell! They smile and thank all those who fill their baskets. And at the end of the night, they end up with the greatest look. And everyone knows that only the coolest kids have the greatest loot.

No matter which category you fall into, you can always take the first step towards more treats!

Non-entrepreneurs- Are you really happy with a piece or two of someone else’s candy? (Yes, I know those bonus tootsie rolls can be tempting.) Going off on your own always looks and feels scarier than it is, but the truth is that once you get going-you will have a lot of fun! And guess what? The candy you get, is yours to keep!

New-entrepreneurs- Congrats on being half way there! To make it to the big leagues though you have to push the envelope a bit. Get out of your comfort zone. Go beyond your neighborhood. Allow yourself to get a little scared. Learn to ask for more candy!

Seasoned entrepreneurs- You really have this asking for treats thing down, but there is always more you can learn. And unless you keep pushing yourself to be the best, you may very well lost your spot as the coolest kid in the block.

Happy Halloween!

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  • Liz

    Hi Shama
    Great seasonal post on overcoming our fears and getting out of our own way.

    I stumbled this post – it was a real treat!

  • Uzma

    Nice Shama,
    Thank you. Serves as a reminder for us people, scared off starting . haha

  • Shama

    Thanks Liz! = )

    Uzma- Here is your chance for more candy ; )