Facebook Update 2009: The Fan Page

By: Shelby Jacobs-

The updated Facebook has sent quite a few people to create the let’s be serious, much expected “Bring back the old Facebook groups.” Is there cause for this upset? From the angle of FB users with brand Fan Pages, the response may be split.

The first update I noticed: the tabs from personal profiles have been added to Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook says, “the tabs help keep Pages organized.” The problem I see with this is that they have taken away part of what makes a company’s Fan Page visually appealing and seem to have lost more organizational structure than gained. I remember the Adidas Fan Page had caught my attention mid-last year because it presented the Adidas brand really well.

Today I went back to see how this Page was affected by the updates and unfortunately found it looking quite disorganized. The wall-space is cluttered with a mixture of videos, wall comments, photo albums, links, and other posted items. It is as if Facebook has taken the identity Adidas had created for itself and replaced it with a new mess of a Facebook identity.

On a positive note, the tabs offer Fan Page administrators more control over where they want to publish their content; whether it be only on the Fan Page or on the News Feeds of all of their Fans. To publish content on Fans’ News Feeds, administrators will need to post on the Wall tab. Content posted on any other tab will be published solely on the Fan Page.

The newest Fan Page feature that I am most excited about is the ability to update the Fan Page’s status. This status will appear in your Fans’ News Feed, which will keep your Page on the minds of its’ fans as often as they visit their home page. I would suggest holding back on the sales pitch and write something clever and humorous. Your fans will appreciate an interesting status, and you will most likely get Fan interaction with your Page in return because of the widely utilized, “Like” button, or by commenting –placing it onto their News Feeds.

Besides the addition of tabs and status updates, Page Insights has also been turned up a notch. It is now makes possible for administrators to see how many comments Fans make on posts, and track how many Facebook users start and stop viewing posts in News Feed.

Will the new additions… good and bad, increase traffic to Fan Pages or lose traffic? Only Insights will tell.

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