Published on 30th Nov, 2007 in Online Marketing

Facebook Profile Makeover-Darin R. McClure

By: Shama Hyder

Last week, I announced that I would be doing one Facebook profile makeover a week. And already, the responses are pouring in. Our first volunteer is Darin McClure.

  • First and foremost, always put your website address UP TOP.  You are after all using Facebook to promote and build a brand right? It may not be the only reason, but that’s the reason we are working on sprucing up these profiles- Better publicity! Put it in your contact information right after your name. Facebook allows you to easily drag and drop "pieces" in your profile. I missed the contact information completely the first time I saw the profile.
  • Personally, I would re-think the profile picture if you are trying to project a professional image. A Facebook profile really perpetuates your personal brand. Is the image a good reflection of your personal brand?
  • Good job putting up the twitter feed. That helps you keep your content fresh and saves time when juggling social networks.
  • Put up some personal information. It doesn’t have to be intimate information, but just something that tells the world who you are. I have no clue what activities you are interested in. You state that you want to meet people for networking, but how does anyone know who you want to network with OR better yet-if they should be networking with you. What do you have to offer?
  • You currently have no virtual pets. Remove the box taking up space or adopt a virtual pet…keeping in mind that even a virtual pet is a reflection of you and your personal brand. ; )
  •  When I click on your employer website, it takes me back to your profile badge. You may have to add "http://" for it to link directly to your employer site.

Overall, good job on creating a fun profile, but there is room to leverage the profile to better brand yourself. I look forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts as well-so feel free to leave comments that may help Darin!