Published on 20th May, 2016 in Marketing

Facebook Marketing 101

Facebook Marketing 101

It’s likely that you’re no stranger to the world of social media marketing, but did you know that Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools you can use to market your business? As it stands right now, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, boasting upwards of 1.44 billion monthly users and more than 1.25 billion mobile users. In fact, Facebook is so dominant that the social media giant has more users than the total of China’s population. How’s that for impressive?

Thanks in large part to its overwhelming popularity and rapidly adaptive nature, Facebook has become one of the go-to social media platforms of choice for marketers who want to engage their audiences, build an online presence, introduce new products, or simply make their brand more visible. If you’ve been wondering what Facebook marketing is or how to break into this treasure trove of marketing gold, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Why Is Facebook so Powerful?

In addition to boasting a massive user base, Facebook is also fantastic for virtually every type of content distribution – from long-form posts to images and auto-play videos. Because of this, it’s one of the most heavily-used social platforms in the world, with the average user spending about 40 minutes daily engaging with Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook is one of the forerunners when it comes to social media and mobile users. As it stands right now, Facebook’s users watch roughly 8 billion videos each day, which represents a marked increase from the 1 billion daily videos consumed just two years ago – in 2014. Of those billions of videos watched on a daily basis, a whopping 75% of them are viewed on mobile devices.

Over 581 million of Facebook’s users are “mobile only” users and, because of this, marketers who use Facebook for their marketing pursuits have the huge advantage of direct access to an ever-growing base of mobile customers.


5 Major Benefits of Facebook Marketing

    While there are many advantages of using Facebook for marketing purposes, these five are the most pronounced: 

  1. Facebook ads allow marketers to narrowly target customers.
  2. For marketers who want to run paid ads, Facebook ads are among the best in the business. Because Facebook ads allow marketers to target select customer groups, they’re an effective way to brand a company, drive traffic to your blog or website, and gain exposure.

  3. Custom tabs allow for a unique page.
  4. While Facebook is a giant social media platform, it does allow room for customization. To help your page stand out from the crowd, you can easily create custom tabs that allow visitors to navigate to your store or alternate social media profiles. This can help you direct the flow of traffic through your pages the way you want.  

  5. Facebook contests are perfect for engagement.
  6. Facebook contests allow marketers to produce widespread visibility for their products or services. What’s more, since Facebook contests allow businesses to team up with third-party charities or other organizations, it’s easy for marketers to use Facebook contests to spread the word about their products while also building long-term business partnerships.

  7. Facebook is the perfect platform for video marketing. 
  8. People who view a brand’s video content are a whopping 1.81 times as likely to make a purchase as those who don’t. In light of this, it’s clear that including video content in your marketing strategy is a critical step toward creating a varied, successful, and multi-faceted marketing plan. Luckily, Facebook is the ideal platform for brands who want to use video to engage customers.

    One of the most exciting developments Facebook has made recently is the introduction of auto-play into its mobile news feeds.  Now that mobile users have the convenience of auto-play, brands who post videos to Facebook can be sure that their video content will reach a wide variety of audiences across the social platform.

    What’s more, the number of Facebook daily video views is currently sitting around 8 billion, which has doubled from the 4 billion mark in April of 2015, so there’s no question about whether or not Facebook video is popular or growing.

  9. Facebook offers Audience Insights. 
  10. Audience Insights is a Facebook-specific tool that allows marketers to access metrics that help them learn more about their audiences. With Audience Insights, marketers can gain access to information about their customers’ gender, age, lifestyle, education, marital status, and much, much more. These in-depth insights are ideal for companies who want to enact more targeted marketing that allows them to cater to audiences at specific phases of the buyer’s journey.



8 Tips for Using Facebook for Marketing

    Now that you know why Facebook is such a powerful marketing tool, it’s time to consider how to use it effectively in your marketing practice. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your branding consistent
  2. To market effectively on Facebook, it’s critical to keep your branding consistent across the board. This means that your company’s colors, logo, and voice should be recognizable and intact. This, in turn, helps ensure that customers will recognize your brand and that you’ll develop a consistent presence across all online and social channels. While Facebook is a fantastic tool all on its own, it’s more effective when combined with other social media platforms and content delivery channels. With this in mind, be sure to employ a thorough cross-linking strategy that allows your fans to locate your other social media or blog platforms quickly and easily.

  3. Offer ample information about your company
  4. Today’s customers are using social media as a search engine, so it’s important to ensure that you build out your social profiles as much as possible. This means writing a complete “About” section for your business and ensuring that your company name, address, phone number, and contact information is current on Facebook. This is some of the first information would-be customers will look for on your page, so it’s critical that you provide them with all of the information they need and expect. You should also be sure to provide links to your company’s blog and alternate social media accounts for increased traffic.

  5. Post enough, but not too much
  6. Having a Facebook account doesn’t do your business much good unless you post to it often. Unfortunately, some companies go overboard and overwhelm their customers with incessant posts, which can be alienating and result in users navigating away from your company’s Facebook marketing material. To avoid this and provide relevant value rather than obnoxious insistence, focus on the quality of your posts rather than the quantity. Your readers will thank you, and you’ll produce better Facebook content across the board.


  7. Take advantage of multimedia
  8. Facebook is the ideal platform for multimedia content, and it’s wise for marketers to take advantage of it. Alternate content formats like video, images, infographics, and audio posts can help engage new reader bases and increase your user engagement. What’s more, altering the type of content you share on Facebook during a marketing campaign helps keep readers interested and make your Facebook page a more vibrant place.


  9. Post at optimal times
  10. As is true with all social media platforms, there is an optimal time to post content to Facebook. While this time will vary depending upon your business, industry, and unique users, Facebook posts made between 1:00-4:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12:00-1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays generally get the most traffic, shares, and clicks. Posting during these peak times can help ensure that your content earns broad exposure and that your most of your followers are around to enjoy the content you post.


  11. Use Page Insights to improve performance
  12. Facebook knows it’s a powerful marketing tool, so it goes above and beyond to help marketers use it successfully. One of the best tools Facebook provides is the Page Insights tool. Page Insights allows marketers to track things like how many people are liking or viewing pages and posts and how many people are clicking, linking, or sharing a given piece of content. These insights make it easier for companies to provide unique value to users and cater specifically to their readers’ needs.

  13. Engage your audiences
  14. Facebook is the ideal platform for customer engagement and marketers who take the time to interact with their readers are better prepared to win more followers and stand out as leaders in their industry. To ensure that you’re engaging your followers effectively, be sure to read and respond to all comments on your page and follow-up quickly and fully with any questions, concerns, or inquiries you receive from customers – especially during marketing or promotional periods. While this may seem like a simple tip, it can go a long way when it comes to keeping your customers happy and helping your Facebook marketing thrive.

  15. Focus on building relationships first
  16. For Facebook to serve your business well, it needs to be a vessel for building relationships rather than making sales. Social media marketing falls short when over-eager marketers use the platforms to perpetuate pushy sales tactics and drive a marketing message down customers’ throats. Instead, social media (and Facebook specifically) should be used as a vehicle for relationship building and mutually agreeable interactions. This allows the platform to function well for both customers and marketers and ensures that nobody is pushed away in the process.

Final Thoughts

While there are dozens of purposes for social media, marketing is one of the most obvious and effective. Companies who use Facebook to market their products will quickly find that the social platform offers more exposure, engagement, and traffic than many other sources. To reap those benefits, however, marketers must know how to use Facebook correctly. From keeping branding consistent to posting at the correct time of day, there are dozens of things that can help enhance and improve your company’s Facebook marketing tactics. When a corporation does these things reliably, it will quickly find that Facebook is one of the most effective and exciting marketing channels available to companies today.

To learn more about why your company should be marketing on Facebook, and what you can do to ensure your Facebook marketing is successful and relevant, contact Marketing Zen today.