Facebook Launches “Like” Feature for All Ads

Beginning this September, Facebook will be including a “Like” feature alongside ads on their website. This functionality will allow users to actively rate the different ads that they see, and judge whether specific ads are likeable or not.

This “Like” feature is quite similar to the “Like” feature enabled for other components in Facebook. To make ad-browsing more efficient and user-friendly, Facebook will be adding an “X” on every ad. One tap on the “X” closes the current advertisement and initiates the emergence of the next ad in the chain.

Either you “Like” it, or you don’t

The “Like” system is actually a boon for individuals who are growing weary of giving thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratings for materials they encounter on the Net. If you click “Like”, the system recognizes the rating and records it. If you don’t like an ad and you decide to just close the ad, you will be led to an area where you can give Facebook your feedback.

How the “Like” feature can affect businesses through Facebook

The keyword here is “quality connections”. People who rate particular ads have a whole network of friends. When a person endorses an ad, there is an instant connection. Let’s say John likes your ad. Now Mary, John’s friend, sees that John liked your ad. Mary is more likely to also like your ad.

Capitalizing on Facebook’s new feature

There are simple ways to capitalize on this new feature. This is a challenge for all advertisers- adapt or lose the game. First, make sure that you hyper-target your ads . Additionally, the graphics you use should also be visually engaging. Make everything as fresh as possible- even the text on the ads. Well done humor will also take you far!

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  • Ev – Biz-O-Matic – Online Business

    I think it’s safe to say that Facebook users do not like ads period. to ask them to pick their favorite ad is like asking a friend you are at a coffee shop with to pick their favorite dental procedure.

  • Sean McVey

    I agree with Ev – Biz, or whatever your name is. This is probably the reason FB has not added a dislike button anywhere on their site. It would be pretty crazy.

    I think having the like feature on ads is interesting and I am curious so see if it leads to more interactions with users. My guess is yes and this is why they did it.

    Good post, I look forward to reading more.