Does your Website Make the Phone Ring?

By: Shama Hyder

A couple of days ago I was speaking to a client who was interested in After The Launch’s web design services. Here is how the conversation went…

Client: So, you are a marketing firm, correct?

Me: Yes, ofcourse.

Client: Then, why do you also offer to build websites? Why do you have web designers in your company?

Me: Well, let me ask you this. Why are you interested in having a website built?

Client: So we can project a professional image.

Me: You don’t want to find potential leads or make sales through your website?

Client: We do. Definitely.

Me: Exactly. Websites are a great way to market your services and reach out to potential clients. Our job is to help you get more clients, so we offer comprehensive services that lead to just that.

Client– Interesting. We want our website to help us get more clients, but we never thought of it specifically as a marketing tool.

Your website can be your greatest marketing tool.  The objective of a business website is  to make the phone ring. Not all business websites may have this goal, but if you want to attract more clients this should be your final goal. The website’s job should be to further a brand image, educate a potential client, and share valuable information. But, the job of a website should not be confused with the final goal.

Tomorrow, I will delve into the specifics of creating a website that makes the phone ring.

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  • Joshua James

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! Great stuff!

  • Shama

    Thanks Joshua. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be to your liking as well. = )

  • Mark Abucayon

    I never experience it yet, but many emails I received than phone calls…Yes website could be the best way to attract client especially those businessmen interested in you and they want more info about your services then thats the time they will visit your website, Its one of the best marketing tool nowadays, I read the conversation of both, and one thing caught my attention is that in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd paragraph the client is handling the conversation then in the 4th to last paragraph the owner is now handling the conversation well its pretty obvious being a businessman you should always handle the conversation. Nice Post here you know- Great Job..

  • daniel @ omstrategy

    hey, Shama, how are you?

    Strange that the client didn’t think of “projecting a professional image” as part of marketing.

    About the ‘final goal’: I’ve worked on a few websites where the final goal has *not* been to make the phone ring. A good example is companies with a great existing distribution base, but no direct relationship with clients (eg. manufacturers who sell exclusively through resellers). Those are interesting projects: creating a direct dialog with clients where none has previously existed.

    Looking forward to the next post,


  • Shama

    Mark- Thanks for your comments! Emails or calls-as long as you are being contacted by potential clients ;)

    Daniel-Thank you for your comments as well! You have a great blog yourself and provide some great tips. You are right, not all websites may have the goal of getting contacted, but most professional service firms need to leverage their website to gain clients. Also, many times clients see marketing as almost a stand-alone concept, rather than a process to increase revenue. I am hoping this post will speak to them.

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