Day 5 in Egypt – One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Shama Kabani, front and center, with Entrepreneurs Organization Board Chairman Kevin Langley and a group of Egyptian entrepreneurs.

Every day in Egypt has felt like two days squeezed into one. Today was different. It felt like a week had been squeezed into a day. Early in the morning, all the delegates took a bus to the Smart Village for the final day’s activities. That’s when the fun began.

All 18 teams made their final business pitches. What did their companies do? What was their revenue model? How would they stand out? It was wonderful to see how far the groups had come in just 5 days. They were articulate, confident, and had taken our feedback to heart. We knew that choosing the final four winners would not be easy.

After all the Egyptian teams had pitched, but before we tallied up the scores, we all had something on our hearts and minds. We wanted to share what this experience had meant to us. The U.S. and Danish delegates thanked the Egyptian entrepreneurs and the organizers for inviting us to mentor, and expressed our deep delight at the progress of all the companies.

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  • Shirely Atanacio

    Ask five economists and you’ll get five different answers – six if someone attended Harvard.
    There isn’t any techniques for success. It’s the consequence of preparation, effort, and gaining knowledge through failure.