Could you be Losing Subscribers? Check your RSS Feed in Google Chrome

Thanks to a follower on Twitter, I was recently informed that the RSS feed for this site was broken in Google’s Chrome browser. Apparently when you tried to subscribe within the browser, you got a page filled with html gobbledygook.

The solution? To use the feedburner RSS URL versus the site’s RSS URL.

So, what should you do to check and solve this problem?

1) Download the Google Chrome browser if you don’t already have it.

2) Go to your blog page and click the RSS button. If you can easily subscribe, you don’t have a problem. If you get an html filled page, keep reading!

3) Setup a feedburner account or login into your current account. If you don’t have a feedburner account, I highly recommend getting one. It allows you to see your subscriber count among other metrics. It’s a free service.

4) Go under “Edit Feed Details” and copy the feed address they provide you with. It’s called the “Feed Address.” Not to be confused with “Original Feed.”

5) Link the correct feed address to the RSS button on your blog.

Tada! A working RSS in Google Chrome. No more lost subscribers!

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