Content Marketing Strategies For Boring Industries

Some industries seem like they’re perfectly made for content marketing – their products are popular, hip, and easily create passionate, involved fans. Blogs, web copy, email marketing, and other forms of content marketing seem like a natural fit for them. Other industries, well… they can’t necessarily say the same. While they’re important businesses that offer useful products and services, they aren’t exactly what you would call exciting. Does that mean that “boring” industries are doomed when it comes to creating compelling, effective, and exciting content for marketing? Absolutely not.

Truly Understand Your Audience

Before any company can create effective and interesting content marketing, they have to really know and understand the audience they want to reach. Who are they? What do they do? Why would they want your product or service?

Every audience has specific interests, needs and wants – it’s your job to figure out what they are so that you can create marketing content that appeals to them. Even if you’re marketing to other businesses, you’re really trying to reach the real, human bodies that take in the information and make decisions.

Just telling someone what your company is and does is a recipe for boring content. Relating to your audience, however, and telling them how you can solve their problems can instantly turn any topic into an interesting read. When you understand who you’re marketing to, you can understand the problems they have that your product or service can solve.

Narrow Your Focus

Many industries will have a target audience that is rather broad and varied. It’s tempting to want to create marketing and web copy that will cover all bases at once with a broad, blanket message. For a business that’s fighting to move from boring to exciting, this is probably not the tactic you want to use.  Instead, narrow your scope. Pick a specific subset of your target audience, and create content that they’ll want.

For example, banks don’t generally create one-size-fits all marketing campaigns and content. They realize that what speaks to a student looking to open their first checking account won’t necessarily resonate with home owners who want to refinance their mortgage, and programs offered to retirees are entirely separate from what would attract small businesses. In other words, to reach all of these demographics, a bank’s marketing content would likely reflect exactly what many feel the banking industry is: bland, boring, and simply uninteresting.

But by narrowing the focus of their content marketing to specific subgroups, they can speak directly to them in a way that helps them create tailored – and more exciting – content. They not only solve the audience’s problems, but they do so in a way that speaks to them.

A New Medium

Sometimes they best way to make a boring topic interesting is to package it in a new, exciting way.

Hamilton Beach, for example, manufactures small kitchen appliances – not exactly the most exciting industry. However, instead of a bland sheet of information listing the product specs of their coffee makers, they released a fun infographic about the coffee drinking habits of people across the world.

Instead of a bulleted list of statistics and figures, try presenting the same information in a colorful and creative image that can be shared on your website and through your social media marketing. Instead of solely posting company updates, consider using your blog to promote contests or thought provoking research-based articles.  Videos can be used to show real-world applications of your company’s products, or even put a funny and unique spin on your services.

Have you found ways to create interesting content for “boring” industries? Tell us in the comments!

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