Confessions of a Globe Trotter: How to Travel Smarter

The snow fell heavily the night we landed in Boston. My vice president of client relations and I were there to meet a prospective customer the next morning. It was meant to be an in-and-out trip, and I packed everything into a single carry-on bag. My colleague checked luggage and it was lost. While we landed the client, it wasn’t before a midnight trip to the only open Wal-Mart in town and a lecture from me on the importance of never checking bags when traveling for less than two days. When it comes to travel, I feel very much like Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter. Always telling people around me how it’s done best.

But everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from experience. Just these past six months alone have seen me in more than seven countries—from Hong Kong to Egypt. I travel mostly for business, and here are my best-kept secrets.
Before Travel

What to Pack: Anyone who has ever seen my closet will tell you I am not a minimalist. My luggage tells a different story. Convenience trumps choices when I travel more than 18 hours. If traveling overnight or for less than two days, I recommend only a carry-on. If you check a bag and it gets lost, the chances are you won’t have it back until your trip is over.

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