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  • Facebook Changes Rules of the Promotions Game

    You’ve heard the news about Facebook’s new rules for promotions on the site, but you may be under the assumption that the new rules forbid ANY contests even being mentioned on Facebook. Or you may think that marketers working on behalf of big-name companies who love running Facebook promotions in order to tap into the social networking site’s enormous user base (300 million and counting), will exit the site in droves in the wake of such restrictions. Not necessarily. The truth behind all the hype and confusion in the wake of the release of the new guidelines lies somewhere between an outright ban and the free-for-all that the folks behind Facebook understandably want to avoid. So herewith, a quick-and-dirty summary of what you can and can’t do per the new Facebook Promotions Guidelines: You may not administer any contest, sweepstakes or giveaway on Facebook without prior written approval from Facebook itself via one of their account representatives. To request approval, you’ll need to click here to start the application process. If you do administer a contest on Facebook, you may do so only through a third-party application on the Facebook Platform, NOT on the news feed. Companies will thus have…

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  • Finding True Love…and the Right Niche!

    By: Shama Hyder There are two great feats in life. If you successfully manage to accomplish both, you are practically guaranteed a sublime life. 1) Find True Love 2) Find the Right Niche (in business) Now, this ain’t no love blog, so we will not delve into the details of #1. However, we will focus on the top 5 ways to find your perfect niche. 1) Passion and Knowledge Matter- Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I have heard "top gurus" in the field say ignore your passion and just find a lucrative niche. That’s not an formula for long term success. Leverage what you love to do. If you know nothing about fishing, don’t go into the lures business. 2) Is there Demand?- While passion and knowledge are key, you also have to research demand. This is fairly easy to do with today’s technology. Start with a basic Google search, email your potential target market to get feedback, or even setup a free survey using Survey Monkey. Don’t be afraid to drop an idea if you don’t see the demand for it. Too many business owners fail because they passionately go after an idea that never showed demand in…

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