How we helped the Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets find homes for 104 animals

The Challenge

As part of the national ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon, the Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets planned to host a Super-Adoption event to find homes for dogs and cats from shelters and rescue groups all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But to reach the most people who might potentially adopt, the non-profit needed a strong digital marketing strategy — so its team turned to us.

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the strategy

We began by creating a comprehensive digital event marketing campaign, composing engaging content to attract viewers and boost attendance. We also designed an eye-catching microsite to provide all the information that those attendees would need. To create buzz in the community about the event, we planned and executed a robust social media strategy.

the results

Unique visitors to the website increased by 231%, and the Super-Adoption’s landing page accounted for 40% of the website traffic. During the month of the event, Twitter reach increased by 500%, and during the two-day event, Facebook reach was 3x its average. That was all great for TAHP’s brand and visibility, but the real results came in the form of 104 pets finding loving forever homes.