How we helped Sococo promote their webinars and generate hundreds of qualified new leads

The Challenge

Sococo, a revolutionary communication platform, needed help attracting b2b leads, specifically remote teams who wanted to stay connected. The Sococo team needed a way to broadcast their expertise, build community around the experience of working remotely, and offer their unique solution.

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the strategy

We recommended hosting a webinar in order to generate leads for their software. The first step was researching and delivering an engaging, quality webinar topic. We knew that the Sococo team needed the first webinar to be a success so we put a plan in place to spread the news about the webinar and generate qualified registrations.

We launched social media initiatives targeting businesses and individuals who would be interested in Sococo’s product. We also designed an email marketing campaign and coordinated content marketing efforts using a blog and social media.

the results

In just two weeks, 164 people registered for Sococo’s first webinar, and 86 of the registrants attended. When Sococo announced its second webinar, 265 people registered, and 137 attended. These numbers set a positive precedent for all further efforts.